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Photographer Extraordinaire

Please welcome my guest today – Photographer, Russell Brown.

Tell us a little about yourself, Russell.

Russ Brown CoverI am a professional press photographer working at News Queensland and I also enjoy producing artistic photographic images outside of my day-to-day work.

My life has been devoted to photography, taking an interest from a very young age and then working in the news media since 1982.

Over the past few years, I have become proficient in all aspects of digital photography and greatly enjoy using modern imaging methods to produce striking and original works.

I display my work in various galleries and other locations, including two of my works being chosen for display at the 2010 Salon de la Photo in Paris.

In 2012, I was chosen to be one of the nine Beta-readers for Dan Margulis’ new book “Modern Photoshop Color Workflow” and it was during this project that the idea formed to write a book of my own.

I realised that the many years’ experience I had accumulated could be helpful to others and that the techniques I use for my work were under represented both in current books and online.

After a great deal of time, effort and expense, the idea has finally come to fruition in the form of “Paths to Artistic Imaging in Photoshop.”

The book has been well received from the start, with my namesake, the Principal Creative Director at Adobe Systems being very enthusiastic and providing a very encouraging quote for the cover.

What does your book include?

What are the newest possibilities for capturing great photographs and how can you turn your images into art?

You know the traditional methods but now you need to make use of all the digital tools available today, to make your work stand out.

Here is the next step – these are the more advanced techniques.

The harder to find information that shows you how to take your work to a much more exciting and eye-catching place.

Russell Brown is a photographer and digital artist with over 30 years experience.

His rare and innovative methods will show you how to make your photographs into something special.

You will be taken through clever ways to apply some of the most exciting techniques in digital imaging today, plus a few old, hidden gems that you may not have even known about.

Some of the topics covered include:

➢       The latest methods of colour correction

➢       Magic in the LAB colour space

➢       Digital Infrared photography

➢       Creative methods of High Dynamic Range photography

➢       Focus Stacking for virtually unlimited depth of field

➢       Creative texture application

➢       Night, low light and extended exposures

➢       Plus a whole chapter of useful tips and helpful ideas

If you’ve become accomplished at shooting and processing your images in standard ways in Photoshop but find that now you need more, the wealth of information in this book is for you.

Lavishly illustrated with the author’s own artwork, this book will inspire your creativity to produce truly outstanding work and is one you will be proud to own.

An Excerpt to whet the Appetite

Are you a professional photographer or at least substantially experienced in digital photography and image processing? Good.

Are you looking for ways to take your work to a more creative, more artistic level than what you’re currently doing or what you’ve seen from others? Very good.

Would you like concise information on how to achieve your goal without being treated like a beginner, tediously explaining the basics of image capture or Photoshop and instead getting right to the point?

Excellent, you’ve found it!

I began work as a photographer right after leaving school in 1982 and have been at it ever since.

I spent many enjoyable years working with film and had a pretty impressive darkroom at home for a few years, mixing my own chemistry from component ingredients, experimenting with various developers, toners and such.

So much time was spent shooting and processing for both work and artistic enjoyment, that I became well practised in the methods of both areas.

When digital photography started to become mainstream, I have to admit that at first, I was sceptical and reluctant to try it.

I couldn’t imagine that all the techniques and skills that I had developed over many years could somehow be reproduced satisfactorily in a digital environment.

Nevertheless, working necessities thrust it upon me and when I began to actually learn the possibilities of digital processing, my mind was quickly changed and I became a devotee.

The possibilities have increased substantially since then, making opportunities for creative and eye-catching photography that were previously either outright impossible, or extremely difficult, time-consuming and costly.

This explosion of possibilities however, has made it difficult for everyone to keep up.

You may have seen impressive images on the web or elsewhere and wanted to know how to achieve the same effects, in a concise and understandable manner.

That’s where this book comes in.

You may for instance, be aware of significant new advances like HDR processing and Focus Stacking, but don’t know how to use them effectively.

I will discuss both, amongst others, in detail.

And before you put the book down in disgust after seeing the term HDR, I can reassure you that I won’t be going down the well-worn route of garish, simplistic presets and the commonly seen and easily identifiable methods of its use.

Rather, I want to highlight some seldom seen and more creative possibilities.

Most of the methods I discuss in this book use many variables in their application, so using them on different images will generally produce surprisingly different results.

Experimentation by you is called for after I introduce the techniques themselves, which is actually the most positive aspect, and part of the fun of the various procedures I outline.

Your results will not be cookie-cutter clones of something that a bazillion others are doing.

They will depend on your creativity, the time you spend, the original photo, the settings and additional components you use and even the combination of different methods.

There is no rule that says you can’t cherry-pick multiple procedures and use them all on a single or composite image.

You can easily process the very same image using various combinations of the methods I discuss and the different ways of applying them, resulting in many strikingly different versions.

There are virtually endless possibilities.

Chapter one deals with essential information that you need to know to get the best from these methods and in chapter two, I discuss the most effective, modern methods of colour correction, so that you can be sure to begin with an image that will respond well to later processing for creative ends.

Next, I will give an explanation of the use of the LAB colour space and its benefits in changing and further enhancing colour with almost limitless possibilities.

Use of this colour space is the only way to significantly change colours in a believable way.

It opens doors to image manipulation that simply cannot be achieved in RGB or CMYK.

I then go on to cover the aforementioned Infrared, HDR and Focus Stacking, plus effective texture overlays, time exposure, low light and night sky photography and a whole chapter of miscellaneous tips and ideas, which can help to add that final finishing touch.

And never fear, I won’t be applying tiresome Photoshop filters to mediocre pictures and calling them art – my suggestions go much deeper than that.

I have always been passionate about my photographs and I don’t want to be a One Trick Pony, simply hitting on a good method and then sticking to doing only that in every situation.

I am constantly trying new variations and tackling new ways of doing things.

I like to think that I can produce images in many varied styles, with different moods to suit different tastes and requirements.

Most of us don’t have the opportunity to regularly globetrot to capture stunning images of African wildlife, the Aurora over the peaks of Iceland or the grand, historic architecture of Europe.

This doesn’t mean that the pictures you do have the opportunity to take can’t be just as bold and eye-catching and possibly even more artistic and creative.

The image subject isn’t the only consideration.

Lets’ face it, these days every kid and his dog from every part of the world have digital cameras, access to some form of image processing and an internet connection.

Even cheap cameras can turn out a pretty reasonable snap and everyone with more than a point-and-shoot considers himself a photographer.

Take a look at to see how many pictures are added every minute of the day.

Granted, most are not professional quality but the majority are pretty reasonable and most people without a professional eye would find them perfectly acceptable.

It’s getting harder and harder to stand out from the crowd, so it’s in your interest, if you have a creative passion like mine and want your work noticed, for you to separate your images from all the background noise.

I wrote this book because in my experience, much of the information and methods described are either difficult to find or virtually non-existent elsewhere.

Whether you find one or two ideas in this book that you want to run with, or like me, you want to explore everything and enlarge on the ideas yourself, is entirely up to you.

You may discover that some of my suggestions or even all of my humble offerings will take your work to a level you’ve always wanted to reach, far exceeding the plethora of work out there and making images you’ll be truly proud of.

There are examples of my work scattered through the book to whet your appetite and give you inspiration!

I have also included in each chapter, an example of how I created one particular image.

I hope they will be informative to assist you in properly understanding the methods discussed.

Dive in and enjoy! Russ Brown Cover

My Husband has developed an interest in Photography and we like to travel. I will be purchasing this book to help him get the most from his photos. 

Thank you so very much for telling us about your amazing book, Russell. I wish you the very best of luck with it. 

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  1. Hi Russell,
    Very interesting post. I didn’t realize photography was so involved. Your book sounds wonderful.


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