Sneek Peek

This is a project which is in the works and I thought I would give my followers a peek into what is happening in the Hunter Region of NSW, Australia:
NS place holderNovascapes: Speculative Fiction from the Hunter Region
Compiled by C. E. PageNovascapes is an anthology of stories from across the speculative fiction range. All the stories are penned by authors who currently live, or were born and raised, in the Hunter, Newcastle and Central Coast regions of New South Wales Australia. It is an indie project showcasing some of the best speculative fiction authors to come out of this region alongside a collection of fantastic emerging talent.Each piece is a brief glimpse into a world both like and unlike anything we could ever imagine. The light and dark aspects of human nature are played out on the canvases of these worlds, though the players are not always human. Minotaurs, mermaids, vampires and dinosaurs compete for space alongside devils, angels, aliens and completely indescribable entities. Novascapes will transport you from one side of the multi-verse to the other and leave you breathless and wide eyed at the possibilities of simple existence.

Appearing in the anthology are:
The Enternal Twilight Of His Maze by Jenny Blackford (
Idol by Russell Blackford (
The Switch by Morgan Bell (
Never Love A Wild Thing by Megan Buxton
Portal by Sheree Christoffersen
Night Herons Curse by Thoraiya Dyer (
Heartsick by Samantha Fisher
The First Stone by Andrew C. Jaxson
The Fold by Bethany Kable
Mouth to Mouth by Margo Lanagan (
Devils by Blake Liddell
She Said by Kirstyn McDermott (
Siren by Catherine Moffat
Arms Dealer by C. E. Page (
Shulamite by Danuta Electra Raine
Focused by Rob Reil
Dystrophic by K. M. Ross
The Cat Detective by Willie Southgate
Reunification by Aidan Walsh
Paradise Design’d by Janeen Webb
Illegal Aliens: A Space Oddity by Lee-Anne Wilson-Smith
A bit about the anthologist:
C. E. Page is a writer, (eternal) university student, gamer, avid reader, knitter, toddler wrangler and sometimes painter (and vaguely wonders how she has time to fit it all in). Her flash fiction piece, The Doorway, recently appeared online at 365 Tomorrows.Novascapes is her first anthology. It started as feverish pipe dream and very quickly became a huge all encompassing reality. She wouldn’t change a thing and finds it very obnoxious to be talking about herself in third person.
There is currently a pozible campaign running in an effort to make Novascapes bigger and better.
Watch this space for more developments on this exciting project. 

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