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The Series Continues

It is my absolute pleasure to be able to announce the new release of Book 3, ‘WHEN THE HEART HEALS’, in the Hearts In Winter Chronicles by Simone Beaudelaire.


When fat old Mrs. Thompson forces Drew to work with his long-time enemy Alyssa on their senior English project, the future doctor is furious. But he quickly comes to realize that the girl he never liked is actually kind-hearted and beautiful… and shouldering the crushing burden of caring for her ailing father. 
Against the odds, these long-time rivals find their way to a high-school romance: intense, passionate, and destined to end… 
That is, until a run-in with a drunk driver leaves an adult Alyssa in need of Drew’s professional help. Friendship flares into passion again, but Alyssa, convinced she isn’t good enough for her doctor, flees in the night, taking with her a secret that just might bring them back together forever… or tear them apart for good. 

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And now a little about the previous two books:

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Book 1: When the Music Ends. True love, hot sex and classical oboe. Follow shy musician Erin as she comes of age, falls in love, and learns to respect herself.

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Book 2: When the Words are Spoken. Michael’s childhood was a nightmare. Sheridan is concealing a devastating secret. Can even the truest love overcome such terrible obstacles?
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Western Romance has always been my first love but I also write hot contemporary romance under my pen name A.L. Simpson. In my Westerns I love to write about knock ‘em down - drag ‘em out fights, outlaws, bank robbery, stage hold-ups and romance. In my Contemporary’s I write f/m, m/m and m/m/f. I usually draw on experiences for these and they usually cause more than a few tears for the readers. When I am not writing I enjoy walking our dogs – 2 elderly Jack Russell Terriers - with my husband and travelling both overseas and in Australia. Susan Horsnell Links: Blog: Web: FB: A.L. Simpson Links: Website: Blog: FB:

4 thoughts on “The Series Continues

  1. Hi Simone,
    Left a comment before but it didn’t come out. This is a really great story, all three books in the series are terrific, I have read them all.



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