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Spotlight on Pablo

Pablo Solares Acebal to Release Long-Awaited Novel on October 28th


Pablo Solares Acebal is a fiction Author, Translator and Publisher. “You learn

and write according to what has been written before. Talent and inspiration are

important but every single writer is influenced by a previously read story,” adds Solares.

After finishing a degree in English Studies and Translation at the University of

Oviedo (Spain). Solares is currently working with Director Daniel Cabrero on the

making of the movie The 6th of November based on Solares’ first work to

premiere in 2016.

~Acebal achieved international acclaim with his novella The 6th of November, now to

be come a major movie in 2016. Acebal’s latest novel The House of Good Intentions

is set for release by Halloween. The story weaves around the passing of the husband

of Spain’s richest woman with echoes of feminism, gay romances, luxury and power

as influenced by the Devil~

The House of Good Intentions             61om4bE7u3L._SL1429_


In the beginning, the beautiful Isolina, Spains richest woman, believes she is marrying the man of her dreams, Eusebio. But Isolina is also a woman in love and holds close many romantic notions. On her wedding day, she thinks her handsome groom is also in love and she never suspects him of having another agenda. But others wonder what his real motive is for marrying her?

As the mesmerizing story unfolds we realize maybe Eusebio does infact care deeply for Isolina and love her in his own way. However, as time passes she feels unsure of his love and obtains a lover. Eusebio tries to hide his dark personality. But once he learns Isolina has taken a lover; he is blind with jealousy and his evil, ferocious and revengeful personality can be no longer be contained. His need to hurt, manipulate and dominate; now rule his consciousness. Isolina lives in fear of Eusebio, the husband she once loved. Gradually she feels him invading her soul, and understands he is more than human, more than evil, but she knows not how to stop him.

Katy Rosas, the old matriarch knows what is beneath the surface and suspects, Eusebio is the devil! However, Eusebio conveniently dies or, some believe he is murdered? Isolina briefly thinks she is free. But whether he is murdered or not, it is not enough to contain his cruel, smoldering evil. Even from his grave, in the garden under the mimosa tree, he controls the occupants of ‘Rosalinda’…a house many believe is bewitched.

Available for Pre-Order now – Paperback: $16 Kindle: $7.99





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