Winner – Paranormal

The winner of the Paranormal Category in the 2015 Easychair Bookshop Competition is Once Bitten, Twice Shy by Phoenix Johnson. This category had 35 entries.

Judges Comments:

“I could feel the chemistry”
“Fantastic, imaginative story that draws you in”
“So well written”
Book 1:
In the days following their kidnapping, Krissy and Derek’s rest comes to an abrupt end with one phone call. Derek’s ex-girlfriend has just arrived from England, and she wants her man back.Aubree is not a woman who gives up easily, and it doesn’t take long for her to play dirty. The tables are turned, however, when the wolf takes offense.Can Derek stop his canine self from hurting his former flame?
Who is the mysterious stranger on his way to Derek’s apartment?
Will Krissy and Derek ever get to lead a normal life?

He sat back and sighed. “Remind me why I fell for such a manipulative, scheming woman?” he queried, knowing she would drop the act along with her simpering. He was tired of her bullshit already, and just wanted her gone.
“You really want to know?” she replied, the twinkle in her eye telling him she already had a plan to try to ensnare him forming in her mind. This was not going to be easy when she met every wall he put up with a twist that allowed her to stay.
“I mean besides the sex,” he stated firmly, meeting her eyes with a steady gaze. Her disappointed pout didn’t fool him; she was going to try to get him in bed again.
Not while I have something to say about it, she won’t. The feminine voice inside his mind surprised him, and he noticed Aubree give him a strange look at his shocked reaction.
Krissy? He pushed his thought out, wondering if he would even be heard. He had never known of anyone with mental contact capabilities. Of course, that didn’t mean it wasn’t possible, but he never expected to come across someone who could converse telepathically. The idea sent shivers down his spine as his lupine companion howled in delight, the voice reaching out to him yet again.
Derek? You can hear me? Krissy’s confusion was clear to him, which meant she didn’t know she was telepathic. I’m headed to the diner, are you there with Aubree?
Yes, she’s up to something but I’m managing to hold her off. I need to touch you, though. Being around Aubree has the wolf’s hackles raised, and I’m barely able to restrain him. Derek glanced at the woman across from him, knowing he would need to say something soon.
I’m a few doors down. I won’t be long. He felt the love she sent across their link, and it abated the beast. Their link snapped shut, and he once again turned his attention to his ex.
“You look a bit ill, Derek, why don’t we go back to your apartment so you can lie down,” she suggested, concern ringing in her voice while a mischievous spark twinkled in her eye.
“Actually, I think I just need another coffee,” he answered, raising his hand to catch the attention of Darla, the waitress on shift. She nodded and headed over, her voluptuous hips swaying. Derek watched with a humorous twinkle in his eyes as several pairs of male eyes followed her path to the table. Once Darla reached the table and filled his cup with hot coffee, he caught her eyes. “Can I grab a piece of the pie? I’ve been hungry for it since I was in here with Krissy the other day.”
“My pleasure,” Darla replied. “I make it myself, you know.” With a wink, she headed back to the counter.
Derek turned back to Aubree, who sat across from him with her arms crossed and an annoyed look on her face. She knows Krissy is coming, that must be why she wants to get out of here. So sorry to disappoint, love, but Krissy holds this beast at bay. Instead of mentioning Krissy, he tried to distract the woman. “I’m sorry; did you want some pie as well? It’s really quite delicious.”  He flashed a grin, knowing it always managed to melt away the foulest of her moods.

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