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Winner – Series

The winner of the Series Category in the 2015 Easychair Bookshop Competition is Destiny by JL Perry.This category had 11 Entries.

Judges Comments:

“I laughed, I cried, I loved every word”
“I couldn’t put this down”
“This is the best series I have ever had the pleasure of reading”



Brooke gave up her dreams, relocating to another state with her husband Jake so he could pursue his, but when he commits the ultimate betrayal against her, she’s lucky to escape with her life.
After moving back to her hometown, alone, she runs into Logan, the man who helped her, all those months ago. From the moment they first met, Brooke felt that they had a connection, and now she finds it stronger than ever.
There is one thing stopping her from acting on her feelings towards him, though…her past.


From the moment he saw Brooke, Logan knew that she was the one he’d been searching for his whole life. Can he convince Brooke to let go of her insecurities so they can be together?
What will happen when Brookes past comes back to haunt her? Will Logan still be around her to help her, or will she be left to face it on own her own?

Join Brooke and Logan as they share their dramatic story in My Destiny, the first of a two part instalment in the Destiny series. Their story is told in dual POV.


My Forever is a continuation of Brooke and Logan’s fairy-tale love affair that started in My Destiny.


Brooke finally lets go of her insecurities and accepts what’s in her heart…her undying love for Logan. After everything they went through in the beginning of their relationship, Brooke’s hopes of a happy life with her soul mate are crushed when tragedy strikes them yet again.

LoganLogan finally has everything he ever wanted. Now that the threat to Brooke’s safety is behind them, all he wants is to live out the rest of his days with the woman of his dreams. Unfortunately, we don’t always get what we want. He has no idea that over the next few years they will face their toughest challenges yet.

Will their love for each other be strong enough to survive what lies ahead? Or will their fairy-tale finally come to an end?

Join Brooke and Logan in the final and dramatic conclusion to the Destiny series.


Jacinta’s story takes place seven years after the day Brooke and Logan Cavanagh saved her from the violent clutches of her father. Her mother has now remarried and Jacinta has a new step-brother, Connor, whom she adores.Jacinta

After Jacinta’s step-brother Connor moves to Sydney, she decides to move back there to live with him.
She’s still so damaged from her violent past that, at twenty years of age, she has never had a serious boyfriend, and is still a virgin. So her best friend, Cassie, convinces her to have a one-night-stand with a stranger before her twenty-first birthday.
The next day, Jacinta is surprised to find she’s actually upset that she will never see him again, but would not take back the memories of that night for anything. She also feels that she is way too damaged to ever have a serious relationship anyway.
Unbeknownst to her, their paths will cross again. Will the attraction she felt that night still be there? Or will she regret it ever happened?


Mason doesn’t do relationships…ever. He has sex with random women, often. When he meets Jacinta though, things change. He finds there’s a deep connection between them that he just can’t explain.
When she does something that not only leaves him feeling crushed, but extremely pissed, he is left feeling lost. He doesn’t even know her real name and has no way of finding her.
But when fate brings them together again, will he be able to forgive her for what she did? Or will he forget about that one night they spent together?

I’d been living in Melbourne for just over six months now, but I wasn’t happy with where my life was heading. I moved here with my husband, Jake, after he’d been offered a position in a large law firm, Cavanagh and Associates.
Melbourne’s a beautiful city, renowned for its restaurants and art, but it’s not home—it’s not Sydney. The weather’s a lot cooler here. Sure, it still gets stinking hot in the summer, but it also rains a lot.
Cavanagh and Associates was one of the largest law firms in the country. Jake told me that between their Sydney and Melbourne offices, they had over one hundred lawyers on staff. It’s a very prestigious firm, being the main reason Jake jumped at the chance to work for them. They specialised in a vast range of law, but most of their clientele were either rich, famous, or both. Jake was hoping that after a few years in Melbourne, he’d be able to transfer back to the Sydney branch of the firm. That was our goal, anyway.
Jake and I had been married for five years. Up until our move, I was content with my life and with our marriage. Since moving to Melbourne, everything had changed. Well, Jake had changed. I’m still the same person I was five years ago. I wasn’t sure if it was the stress of the job or the crazy long days that Jake had been putting in, but my husband was no longer the person I fell in love with all those years ago.
I gave up so much to move to another state with him, and I did it so that he could further his career as a lawyer. Lately, I’d been regretting my decision.
Before moving here, we’d been living in Sydney, and I was working at a large dance studio as both a teacher and choreographer. It was a good job and I really loved it. Teaching was my passion in life…my dream job, so to speak. I’d been saving all I could for three years now so that I could fulfil my lifelong dream of opening my own studio.
Since we’ve been living in Melbourne, I’ve had a few good job offers, but Jake made sure to express that he was no longer happy with me working. He told me that since his salary had almost doubled, I should give up my silly dreams of dancing and concentrate on being a good wife.
My dreams aren’t silly; I am a good wife!
Sometimes he made me so angry with his chauvinistic ways. All Jake wanted was for me to stay home all day, looking after the house and him. He obviously didn’t understand how important dancing was to me. With the exception of Jake, dancing was my life.
I miss teaching my dance classes but, at least since moving here, I’ve managed to secure six students to whom I teach piano. I give lessons on various days during the week. Apart from the piano lessons, my life consisted of cleaning the house, cooking, and waiting around for Jake to come home.
I’d love to start a family some day; however, there’s never any mention of having children—at least not in the near future. When we first got married, Jake had wanted children, but sometime over the last few years, he decided that being a father no longer fitted into his life’s plan.
I was a good wife and I’ve always done just as he asked, but giving up my dreams of teaching dance is where I draw the line.
As I lay in bed that night, waiting for Jake and worrying about what the future holds for us, I could feel my eyes getting heavy. I looked over at the clock on my bedside table. It was nearly 11:00 p.m., and Jake still wasn’t home from work.
As I drifted off to sleep, I had no idea that in less than twenty-four hours, my life as I knew it was to be turned upside down, before spiralling out of control. I was also unaware that destiny would step in and play its part, changing the course of my life forever…


Western Romance has always been my first love but I also write hot contemporary romance under my pen name A.L. Simpson. In my Westerns I love to write about knock ‘em down - drag ‘em out fights, outlaws, bank robbery, stage hold-ups and romance. In my Contemporary’s I write f/m, m/m and m/m/f. I usually draw on experiences for these and they usually cause more than a few tears for the readers. When I am not writing I enjoy walking our dogs – 2 elderly Jack Russell Terriers - with my husband and travelling both overseas and in Australia. Susan Horsnell Links: Blog: Web: FB: A.L. Simpson Links: Website: Blog: FB:

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