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They had absolutely no reason to be together– nothing in common– except, oh maybe a few past lives where the passion was sizzling—with a minor complication—he always ended up dead. Pure coincidence. Couldn’t happen again. Her fear that it could led her to try to convince him not to go with her on a potentially dangerous archaeological investigation to Central Arizona, where one of those lives had been haunting her dreams.
He knew, given his experiences, there were many ways he could end up dead, and he wasn’t about to worry about dreams with no real bullets. He did know, however, that she could prove dangerous to him. He had never walked away from danger before and wasn’t about to now.
1901, a new century and things should be less wild and woolly in Arizona. Very civilized, with only an occasional nightly shootout. Much safer—for some. Not so much for the son of an infamous outlaw family, who was falling in love with the one woman from whom he should have stayed many miles away. Shoulds weren’t in his vocabulary.
This western adventure takes these two unlikely lovers from Tucson, north into the Sierra Ancha, where answers and danger await. As the fifth Arizona historical, readers of the others will find some familiar characters. This is the first romance for the Taggert brothers– Vince, Jesse and Cole.

Some strong language and mild profanity
Heat Level: ♥♥♥♥

Pre-release sale of $2.99 until August 6th.