Anything For You

Book Blitz: Anything For You
by Nancy Beaudet
Series: Trapped in Three Hill, Book 2
Genre: New Adult Romance
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After receiving a disturbing phone call, Torrance is thrown into the destructive and dangerous world of a woman he barely knows. 
Her scared voice pulling him in and never letting him go. 
“Take me home.”
It’s been nine years since Emilia left home. Running away in search of something special. Something real. 
Nine years since she fell in love with Torrance while the two were still in high school. She loved him from afar. Never up close. How far will Torrance go to discover the woman on the other end of the phone?
How much will he do to solve the cold case of the missing girl from Three Hill?
Is there anything he wouldn’t do?
Will Emilia finally find her something real when Torrance tells her, “I’d do anything for you?”


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