Inheritance of the Blood


In the darkness evil waits…

As a young bride Kira was whisked away from everything and everyone she knew, including her new husband and became Christina, an operative of the Displaced Persons Unit.

As the danger grows she sees an opportunity to save her husband Vasya and sister Serina. But nothing is the same. Serina is grown up—married and pregnant.

Vasya too is older and darkly forbidding. Trusting Christina doesn’t come easily until a catastrophic event takes place. Now, knowing the truth everything he thought he knew is changed. But at a very high cost.

The four must work together to defeat the Demon, Zuor and the stakes are higher than they imagined and all could be lost.


Weariness dragged at Christina as she drove through the dim moonlight, the headlights cutting through the fog, as Serina dozed in Gregori’s arms. She longed for privacy so she could talk to Vasya, but discussing their situation would have to wait, at least until they were safely out of Alvonia. Each time she glanced in his direction, her soul froze a little more. Instead of the man she’d dreamed of, the reality was standoffish. Forbidding.
She wished she knew what he thought, although it was a given that he was still angry that she’d left without so much as a word. Even so, she wasn’t sure he’d accept that she hadn’t had a hand in that.
Did he think that in the intervening years she’d somehow ignored him? There were so many layers of secrecy that she’d have to work through and yet she’d truly tried, sending letters regularly though her contacts. At least until he’d stopped answering, and hard on the heels of that thought, her stomach clenched hard. Who had received them and replied if not him? And why?
In her mind, she tossed over the list of concerns that seesawed inside her. Would he turn away from her? Would the truth, if he knew it, put the ultimate distance between them?
It was true, she’d experienced more freedom in leaving her family behind, but it was never her choice. 
Not every secret was hers to share.
Lost in her rumination, she hit a pothole, and the car swerved. 
“Kira? You are sure you can drive this vehicle?” Vasya spoke for the first time in hours, and she blushed deeply.
“Yes. And you mustn’t call me that. Please. My name now is Christina. It’s vitally important that you remember that.” 
He answered her with a grunt, cutting like a knife to her heart. 
Instead, she focused on the task of driving, avoiding the ruts and rusted abandoned vehicles that dotted the roads as she redoubled her concentration. “What happened here, Vasya? When did it get this bad?”
He shrugged. “It didn’t happen in one hit. It’s been gradual.” 
Things had certainly become worse and she’d not been able to help them before. I’ll make their lives better now, whatever it takes.

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