Ruth: The Rescued Bride


Discover a new sweet western historical romance series:

“A West Texas Frontier Trilogy.”

These three books are set in West Texas Cavalry Forts.

“Ruth: The Rescued Bride,” is Book One of the Trilogy.

Faced with the loss of her loved ones, Ruth turns to the only person who understands her plight,

U.S. cavalry scout, Jacob Wells.
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2 thoughts on “Ruth: The Rescued Bride

  1. Hebby’s book was phenomenal

    Historicals have always fed my soul. Hebby Roman’s new book Ruth, The Rescued Bride is no-exception . She truly engulfed every emotion with this book.
    Jacob a half-breed, whose mom was Comanche and dad a soldier, is now a scout for the army stationed at Fort Concho. Riding into a raid against the Comanche has always been rough, as he still doesn’t know which side he truly belongs. But this raid will be different, he’s about to rescue a young captive who will change his life forever.
    Ruth’s Family was all slaughtered by the Comanche, ranch burned down, and then she was taken captive.
    She’s now running for her life with her Comanche husband , Buffalo Heart, as the soldiers raid their camp, but her running is short lived as she goes into labor.
    When she awakens, she is in a home and surroundings unfamiliar to her. All she remembers is giving birth alone before she passed out.
    This was truly a very well written book that will leave you believing in miracles, true love, and forgiveness toward those who have wronged others.

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