Butterflies and Flutterbyes

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Butterflies and Flutterflyes- Dreaming in Words

Author- Maggie Love

Publisher- Hydra Productions

Cover- Chandra TruLove Fry

Poetry full of emotions. Dark, silly, love, it’s all there. All inspiring with entertainment all wrapped up in one book. With over 30 poems that will touch your heart, make you cry and laugh all at the same time




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Good afternoon everyone please welcome to the floor Maggie Lowe, now Maggie I know you wear many hats and have your fingers in many pots. But first I want to talk about you and how I know you.

We had been casual friends on Facebook for some time and I can remember the day as if it was yesterday where you posted a request for help with your blog, you wanted someone that could help review books and complete promotional companies posts. I said why not I loved to read I had done some basic blog work before, so I said to you I would help, I can remember thinking how I can read a book a day and post a review, I realized very quickly what that meant.

You were very patient with me for the first few days as I was learning the ropes, we became an unrentable team, the name changed to a combination of our writing pen names of Cloe Michael’s Reads and together we created what CMR is today an unstoppable machine where we no longer need to promote to authors they come to us for promotional free services. We work with 4 of the major promotional companies as bloggers sharing the word of some amazing authors.

Along the way we became fast great friends, over the last 18 months we have had people come and go but never staying too long except for Elle who we both feel will take the blog in the direction we want for the future.

But back to you, as your friend I never met and someone I can call sister you are always there for me, when I feel I am doing too much or you see me struggling you are there for me, you encouraged me to write and publish my first book even helping me find a publisher that would love my work, you say I inspire you well I think it is the other way around girly.

So, let us have the readers get to know you what your hobbies Maggie are “I like reading, writing, blogging and cooking” so Maggie you have made your hobbies your life’s work, that is commendable, but cooking is the only thing that you do for yourself.

OK then what are you passionate about? Well I would have to say blogging, I love to help other authors with promoting their work but also writing ( of which I know you are doing a lot of that right now) and cooking, tell us what you love to cook…” mmm that is my secret you will have to visit to find out” Dam I knew I should have visited when I was in Vegas last year, oh well next time.

OK so how can our readers find you on social media because I know you are all over it, I do not think you sleep much you spend so much time promoting.

Interview By Bronwyn


Author Maggie Lowe has been writing ever since she was able to pick up a pencil. As a child, she could create worlds of all kinds. At the age of eight, she wrote her first song. When she was thirteen she wrote her first fan-fiction story. At the age of twenty-five, she wrote the first book that she hopes to publish someday soon. And now, at the age of thirty-three, she published her first poetry book. Now she is currently working on several WIPs and looks to the future full of hope and excitement for what’s to come

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