Welcome to BELTANE

Five Novellas

Five Authors

A town filled with characters

Clint Maxwell and his men of the Lazy I ranch were honest, hard working ranchers who looked out for people in their local community when times were tough.
So, what changes to cause them all to become the most unlikely of outlaws?
Why are they robbing the bank in Beltane, 25 miles away and who will be caught up in their trap?






Also available in KU


Charlie (Charlotte) Fitzhugh will need all her courage and daring to survive the hard times on her Uncle’s ranch.
Left homeless and destitute by the treachery of her cousin in England, she travels to America with her young brother and arrives in Beltane just after the bank has been robbed.
Adam Gilmore is a wealthy rancher who thought he only wanted a presentable wife who would give him heirs. When he meets Charlie, against his will, he is smitten.
Can he ever hope to capture the heart of this beautiful English rose?


Hannah Johnson is a lady in a man’s clothing. Orphaned at a young age, she is forced to take over her father’s livery to survive. She works hard to save enough to buy a house of her own. When the bank in her town is robbed, she has only one choice—go after the money herself.

Roan Maxwell rides into Beltane, Arizona, looking for a bed for the night, but instead gets a bullet in the back during a bank robbery. Afraid folks will think him one of the robbers, he flees. When Hannah stumbles over him, he’s rather her think him a robber than yellow bellied.

Can these two learn the truth about one another, catch the robbers and fall in love, too?


Having been accused of using witchcraft, Jacqueline is on the run for her life. She’s a train ride away from escaping to London and to safety but is kidnapped before boarding the train.
Tommy is out to prove himself in the trapping industry. Being young is more of a hindrance than a help. When his future partner loses his betrothed, Tommy knows what he has to do to gain his trust; return his bride.
Both Jacqueline and Tommy are running from their past but as they fight each other for different futures they begin to realize that their desires aren’t that different. Magic is in the air and nothing is black and white.


A woman stole Joseph Wade’s heart–and his mother’s priceless diamond necklace. She’s elusive and savvy to the cruel ways of the world. No matter what, he’s always a step behind her, but when he’s the victim of a bank robbery, he sees that in the West, men can say, do, or be anything they want. When his father dies and his presence at home is requested, he turns his back on the law and sets his heart on revenge.

Lucy Hawley sees that Joe isn’t a criminal, despite his best attempts. Underneath his somewhat fumbling–and so far lucky–robberies, there’s a confused man. A good one too, if only he can get back on the right path. She’d give her heart to someone like that, but not if he can’t forgive himself for his past mistakes and change his own future.



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