Angel’s Redemption



I’m an Australian Indie Erotica/Romance Author who absolutely loves to write. On a good day, I can get out a 10k word short erotica piece, so long as my hubby doesn’t disturb me… 😉
I’ve always loved Science Fiction and fantasy, but I’m also branching out into contemporary romance/erotica. I’ve got plenty of stories to come out soon, please keep an eye out for new releases!



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Thomas is on a mission, to bring abandoned and lost Angels and Demons to a place where they can live in harmony and safety from the chaotic world they helped to create after the failed War between Heaven and Hell.

What he didn’t expect to find, was Grace.

Grace is searching for her sister, captured by slavers and sent to a Demon, who rules a nearby city. Thomas was the last thing she expected when she is captured by stragglers from the slaver’s group.

Together they search for Grace’s sister, but will they find her? And will Thomas find his redemption before his last white feather turns black and he falls completely?


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