At 38 years old, Jarrod Turner has everything – literally.
A successful chain of hotels in five countries.
Private 727 jet.
Fleet of cars – Rolls Royce, Bentley and Mercedes Sports.
A Harley Davidson Softail.
And, a cruising yacht berthed at the bottom of the garden of his waterfront home.
Yep, he has everything.
So, why is he so unhappy with his life?
What is it about the month of March which brings back bitter memories, year after year?
Will he ever learn to live in the present instead of the past?

This is Book 3 in Calendar Men Series.

Each book is a complete stand alone connected only by the fact they each have a relevance to a particular month.


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About the Author

My name is Susan Horsnell and I’m an older gal from the sunny state of Queensland in Australia.

My hubby of almost 45 years and I love to hitch up our caravan and wander the country. Our elderly Jack Russell Terrier – Kelly aka Princess Perfect and a 26-year-old opinionated Cockatiel who loves to wolf whistle at anyone passing by are our traveling companions.

I was a nurse for 37 years and my husband, a Naval Officer. We were posted all over the country and overseas.

Now, we live in a tiny rural village of only 300 people. It’s a dream come true although we desperately need rain at the moment.

I started writing when I entered high school, mainly short stories and tales to give an outlet to my overactive imagination – that hasn’t changed.

I write Western Historical Romance – I have always loved the Wild West of the USA, Contemporary Romance including m/m and two children’s books.

You’ll find Mail Order Brides, a Mail Order Governess and even a Mail Order Ranger just to include the males of the species. There are knock ’em down, drag ’em out fights, gruesome murders and a gun toting, cussing, female saloon owner.

I also have two books which explore how a blind child would cope on a ranch in the days of the Wild West. In every book there is a beautiful heroine and a dashingly handsome hero, or in my m/m – two dashingly handsome heroes. Sometimes their happy endings seem unlikely, but they do eventually get there.

I have a lot of new books coming out this year, to keep up to date, be sure to subscribe to my newsletter. I love to hear from readers, especially if I am new to them.

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 Men in the Series:

January – Jude Ouvrard

February – Scarlett J. Rose

March – Susan Horsnell

April – Aleisha Maree

May – Cheryl Wright

June – C. Renee

July – Sonya Jesus

August – Cari Robe

September – Heather Osbourne

October – RaeAnne Hadley

November – Margaret Tanner

December – DL Gallie

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Calendar Men and Calendar Gals FB Group

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