Snow by Sophie Lark
Series: Colors of Crime; Book 6
Genre: Mafia Romance
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A Love Worth Fighting For…
In the ring they call me Snow, because I’m stone cold. I don’t feel fear or pain… I don’t feel much of anything.
Or at least, that’s how it was until I met innocent little Sasha.
She doesn’t belong in my world. She’s trapped here because she owes a debt she can’t possibly pay…
I want this girl more than I’ve ever wanted anything. The problem is, she already belongs to a Bratva boss who plans to sell her virginity to the highest bidder.
I have to find a way to set her free.
I want to be her first, and her last…
“Snow” is a virgin dark mafia romance, Book 6 in the Colors of Crime series. It’s an intense, violent, and sexually charged stand-alone novel. Complete with HEA and no cliff-hangers, plus enough steamy scenes to set your kindle on fire.

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