Twelve countries. Twelve men. Twelve million dollars!

The search continues as high-profile reality star Deacon Brady looks for love in a new location. He’s ready to meet the next potential bachelor when he arrives in Italy for the shooting of Tainted Love. But as he’s already discovered, his search comes with complications.

This time, instead of finding a bachelor waiting on him, he finds himself in hot water …

Weeks away from the reality show’s world premiere, Deacon struggles to hold it together and keep playing Mr. Nice Guy for the cameras.

He has twelve million reasons to stay out of trouble, but one man is a game changer.

Rocco is the next contestant, just another man who’s part of the game … playing by the rules.

But not everyone is, and the scandal threatens to destroy the show, taking Deacon’s reputation down with it.

Can he convince the producer, Dante that he’s still the right man for the job, or will he lose it all before he’s even won?

For Deacon it was just a game—but the game suddenly became very real.

It’s not just his heart on the line, it’s his future.

Ciao – Pisa, Italy!

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