Title: Unrepentant
Author: Daphne Moore
Genre: paranormal romance
Cover Designer: S M Savoy
Publisher: Vaughn Publishing LLC
Publication Date: November 10th, 2020
Hosted by: LadyAmber’s PR


A reluctant heroine. Her fated mate. One soul crushing choice.

Despite being a Tiger shifter, Lily Kaplan strives for a serene life.
Unfortunately, being a Seer granted visions by the DayKing denies her that
luxury. She is one of three Seers who know the location of the Keys that, when
assembled, would allow exiled gods to walk on Earth.

However, there is one who will stop at nothing to claim them.

Morgan, warchief of the Daoine Sidhe, seeks to rid the realm of Seers and
claim the Keys. Out of options, Lily must meet Daoine’s minions head on in
battle. Yet when a small boy gets caught in the midst, Lily’s priorities shift
to protecting him.

Through the boy, she encounters the greatest threat she has ever known.

Gaius, who claims to be the child’s guardian, awakens feelings within
Lily she never knew existed. The undeniable attraction of a true mate. But,
with a team of assassins hunting for her, that bond could create a weakness for
her enemies to exploit.

In a choice between love or survival, will she follow her head… or her


Daphne Moore has been a storyteller from her preliterate days. She writes them down now for those out of earshot.

She lives in Ohio, in a small suburb, raising roses and children. She’s an aunt to a bunch of humans and two cute dogs.

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