Title: Chaos and other C Words
Author: May Sage
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Model: Tommy
Photographer: Michelle Lancaster
Cover Designer: Sylvia Frost of The Book Brander Boutique
Publication Date: May 27th, 2021
Hosted by: LadyAmber’s PR


Spoiled princesses aren’t equipped to survive in the City.

After years in a gilded cage, I thought all I needed was freedom. Turns out I need to pay
bills, learn how to use a vacuum cleaner, and remember to water the plants.

I’m a mess. And every time I fail, he’s here to watch me. To laugh at me.

He’s smart, successful, and the most gorgeous man I’ve ever seen.

But if I let him, Cole Knightley is going to break me.



She wasn’t part of the plan.

Settling down with a perfect Stepford wife is all I need to put my past behind me and cement
my reputation as a powerful businessman.

Everywhere I turn, Leigh is stumbling, ready to fall to pieces. She needs a prince charming, and
I’m the devil in a custom suit.

Too bad for her, all she’s got is me. I’ll save her, but I have a price she’ll pay night
after night.

Even if I destroy my soul—and hers.

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