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It’s been eight weeks since Kairi Freemont was reborn, and her ascension to High Lady is imminent. Meanwhile, Genevieve is still lost in her grief for Algoric, and Lucien is heartbroken over Kairi as she moves to fulfil her divine duty and reunite Aetheria under a single ruler.

Then, a coup on the night of Kairi’s ascension ball throws everything into chaos and Kairi is once again running for her life.  For you see, Lord Black has returned, and with the power to turn Aetheria upside down with an army of unexpected allies things don’t look good.

Finally, when the very lifeblood of Nirvana begins to die, and centuries-old loyalties dramatically shift, Aetheria is left teetering on the edge of tyranny.

Can Kairi find the strength to overcome her fear and unite Aetheria? Or will the trauma of her too-recent death and the prospect of losing Lucien forever have her unravelling at the seams?

In this world of magic, Kairi must find the one thing she was not blessed with by Hera.


“The perfect fallen angel romance series, featuring a magical cast of epic dragon riders, celestial unicorn warriors, high fantasy fae, the gods and goddesses of Greek myth, and so much more!”

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