Catarina: Book 4 Anastasi Family Syndicate

Social Rejects Syndicate

By: Author LC Taylor

Releases January 18, 2022

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I’ve hated being part of the Mafia since I was old enough to understand what it was. The death, lies, and carnage were more than I could take. After nearly being kidnapped and then watching my brother almost die because of who he was, I snapped. Becoming someone else seems to be my only option if I want a normal life. A tiny town is just what I need to start over.

A new name. A new life. That’s what it was supposed to be.

It’s too bad the Anastasi legacy is impossible to get away from. When I find myself tangled up with the wrong people, I get caught in the crosshairs of something dangerous. Not to mention I’ve stumbled upon something—or rather, someone I wasn’t expecting. And there is no way I can keep the information to myself. Not with a secret this big.

Looks like hiding is no longer an option and I’m forced to call the one person I’d rather not. Donny might be the only one who can keep me from losing my life. The only problem is with him around, my life isn’t the only thing at risk. Because this time I might lose my heart… to him.

My whole life I’ve been in love with her. Now that the family knows, I’ll stop at nothing to find her and bring her back. Even if I have to drag her kicking and screaming. She thinks she’s smarter than me, but she has no idea how wrong she is.
When she stumbles into something deadly, Catarina has no choice but to call on me. I won’t stop until she’s safe, even if it means exposing where she is.

Catarina can’t stay hidden forever. She might think a new life is what she needs. But I’ll show her the only thing new she needs, is a last name.

Because when this is all over and done with… Catarina will be mine.

This is Book 4 in the Anastasi Family Syndicate. All the answers from the cliffhanger in Book 3 will be revealed.
This book is part of the Social Rejects Syndicate Crime World.

Visit to learn about the other authors and countries that make up SRS.

Mature Reader warning: This book contains a lot of panty-dropping sexiness! There is raw sexual language (aka dirty talk), a little violence, and tons of heat! It is intended for readers 18+ and fans of the naughty stuff.

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