Releases January 24, 2022

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Dru Vladislov Dracul
Cruelty is in my blood. And blood is my birthright.
As a descendant of Vlad the Impaler, the real-life inspiration for Dracula, men tremble and flee at the sound of my name. Nobody survives Alexandru the Bloody. As head of the Vladislov Dracul crime family, I take no prisoners. It has to be that way.
Until tonight.
Aubry Robertson is barely a woman. And a minuscule sliver of my heart I’d believed long dead feels sorry for her. Her crime was being in the wrong place at the wrong time. A stupid tourist mistake for which the sentence was death.
But not yet. Something about the little American has bewitched me, and I need to discover what, exactly, to get her out of my system.
She needed to die for her crime, and she would, because the family comes first. But not until I was ready.
Because for now…the curvy blonde is mine to explore, mine to enjoy, mine to take.
Aubry Robertson
If someone were to confide that Satan has a brother, I wouldn’t be shocked to hear his name is Alexandru Vladislov
After what I witnessed, I know without a doubt the fiend was born in the highest circle of Hell.
I had to keep my wits about me, because something about those dark, dangerous eyes pierced my very soul. I might be young, but at nineteen, I know pure evil when I see it.
Exploring Romania and all of its historic paranormal locales alone sounded like a good idea when I’d planned my solo trip here. But it’s too little, too late to dwell on mistakes in judgment.
Now, I’m being held captive by the Devil himself and determined to break free. Alexandru might think I’m naïve and easy to control, but this small-town girl from Arkansas has a little demon inside her dying to get out.
Believing that he has the upper hand may just be his last mistake. Too bad he doesn’t know I’m willing to waltz with the Devil in the glimmering moonlight … if it means setting myself free.

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