Cover Reveal and Pre-Order

New Social Rejects Author
Country: Belgium


Releases January 19th, 2022

Davet de Wees

I’m called de duivel. The devil. I govern Les Voleurs Syndicate with the same harsh rules and code of honor that have governed my life since I was a kid. I worked my way from the streets to this place of power; now the respectability of my syndicate is at stake because I am lacking a wife. I’ve reluctantly agreed to entertain the thought, but I don’t want a vapid piece of arm candy traded in marriage to strengthen bonds with another syndicate. However, when I’m offered an unusual proposition from the daughter of one of the most brutal syndicate leaders around, it’s just a little too good to pass up. I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I negotiated a deal with her. The solidification of my position, a beautiful wife, and the ammunition to bring down an evil institution all are too much to ignore. Can I trust her to give me the respectability that comes with a wife or will she lead me down a dangerous path that could destroy me?

Liliane Lemaire

My father has sold me into marriage once already. He’s a ruthless criminal that cares about nothing save power, money, and creating fear in those around him. Once I lived surrounded by that fear, allowing myself to be traded in what I thought was meant to secure a bond between my father and my husband. But then my father killed my husband and took his place, growing his own power and taking back one of his pawns: me. Now he wants to do it again. And if I refuse, I’ll go to The Block the human trafficking auction run by my father. He’ll get my worth one way or another, he says. But he doesn’t know that I’m done being used. I’m going to bring him down if it kills me. And in this life, it very well might. The only leader who might be strong enough to help me accomplish it is de duivel. If everything I’ve heard is true, he’s as ruthless as my father, but he rules with a code of honor, not by instilling extreme fear in his people. It’s my chance to get away from my father’s clutches, dismantle the horrors of The Block, and secure my own future. Can I trust Davet to keep me safe, and believe me? Will he face the same fate as my last husband? Or will he leave me to my father’s hands?
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