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Antonio: Book 3

Anastasi Family Syndicate
Social Rejects Syndicate
By: Author LC Taylor
They might be my biggest undoing… but not even the devil himself will stop me from claiming what’s mine.



It was supposed to be a simple job. Infiltrate and gather information. But I wasn’t expecting her. Riley is everything I should stay away from but can’t. A job that was supposed to make her look bad has me tangled in knots I can’t explain. And if wanting her wasn’t enough, there’s him—Michael.
He is everything I need but can’t have. When Riley receives death threats related to our case, she’s forced into relying on us. We will have to push aside the burning desire we feel for one another and find out how to end the nightmare threatening our very existence. Or my family will lose everything. Losing isn’t an option, but I’d risk it all for them… even if it means death.


I’ve earned my reputation for being a ruthless prosecutor for a reason. But when I’m asked to handle the case against former FBI agent Riley Lawson, I wasn’t prepared for him—Michael Brighton.
Michael is the attorney defending Agent Lawson’s case. He is cocky, bold, and sexy as sin. I shouldn’t want the opposing counsel the way I do, but I can’t stop myself. And if that’s not enough to risk my career, Antonio Anastasi has me questioning my sanity. When I get tangled up with the two of them, things go array. Missing guns and death threats force me into hiding—with them. Can I fight the burning need I have for these two men, or will I throw away my career for a chance at their love? One thing is for certain… This mess is deadly and someone may not make it out alive.
I might risk my life, but the biggest risk at stake is my heart.
This is book 3 in the Anastasi Family Syndicate. It is part of the Social Rejects Syndicate Crime World.
Visit www.socialrejectssyndicate.com to learn about the other authors and countries that make up SRS.
Mature Reader warning: This book contains a lot of panty-dropping sexiness! There is raw sexual language (aka dirty talk), a little violence, and tons of heat! It contains MM and MMF sexual scenes. It is intended for readers 18+ and fans of the naughty stuff.

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