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Lorena Cabral is in search of her missing brother.
Her brother has been in hiding since shooting Rodrigo and Marco Almeida.
She decides to come to the Almeida mansion for answers.
Unfortunately, things don’t go her way.
Instead of finding a cut-throat family, she finds Marco.
Marco isn’t what she expects.
She’s thrown into a wonderful family and a man with a huge heart.
She didn’t expect to fall in love, especially with a mob boss.
Marco doesn’t expect Lorena.
As much as he fights, he cannot control his feelings for her.
Before he can pursue a relationship with Lorena, he needs to figure out the puzzle that is her family.
Finding her brother becomes a priority.
As he and his brothers come closer to the truth, they are spun into craziness they can’t control.
The brothers soon find themselves in a sticky situation.
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