DIEGO: Book 1 Halcón Brothers Trilogy

Social Rejects Syndicate
By: Author Alexi Ferreira
Releases January 28, 2022


Being one of the strongest crime familias in Spain is a constant war. My two brothers and I run the familia with a tight fist, not giving even an inch. They call me La Juez, the judge, because I will be the one to sentence those that cross the line. Carlos is one of those, he has been found guilty by me, and payment for his sins is his daughter Lina.
Its either submitting to this monster that is Diego Halcon or see my father die for being stupid. Thinking that he could steal from the Halcón Brothers and not pay for it. Their name is what horror stories are made of!
Now Diego wants me as payment. He might take my freedom and my body, but he will never get me to submit to his possessive touch.
This is book 1 in the Halcón Brothers Trilogy Family Syndicate. It is part of the Social Rejects Syndicate Crime World.
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