Ally Cole



Cover Designer: Ashley Amy Andra


After being left by her husband for his younger, pregnant girlfriend, Darcy divorces Jack and decides to do the one thing he always promised but never delivered on.

She decides to travel Europe.

Darcy did all the research, knows where it’s legal, and with a little help from her best friend, Julie, plans to make enough money to get to each dream destination.

She’s going to become a sex worker.

Taking what little she has left, Darcy buys a one way ticket to Edinburgh with only a plan in her luggage and hope for a fresh start.

She has no idea what she’s getting herself into, but with her wit and wits about her, she’s determined to see everything on her bucket list.

And no man is going to be able to stop her from doing just that, right?

Choosing an alias as Mistress Sophia, Darcy ends up falling further and further down the rabbit hole.

It seems as though all of the UK’s kinkiest men have gotten a hold of her card and have come calling.

But even sex workers need business cards, right?

Classy not trashy, as they say…

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