(Trimarked Series: Book Two)

by CK Sorens


Hope was dangerous for the Trimarked girl.

It’s been five weeks since Nicu saved Ember from the barrier, and she doesn’t know how long until he tells the Fae about her growing powers. She soon discovers the small openings she can create in the impenetrable barrier around the city of Trifecta no longer snap shut but now ease closed at her command.

Ember already balances on a fine line between accident and purpose; using her power intentionally will certainly bring the wrath of all three races. Though she doesn’t belong anywhere, she’s not willing to become a prisoner to any of the factions.

When a Witch Queen arrives in Trifecta with the goal to enslave the minds and bodies of magic users, Ember must take a different path: use without control. As the Queen gathers new followers, Ember may not have a choice whether she’ll expose her newfound strength if it means saving the few people she dares to call friends.

Afflicted is book two of six in the Trimarked Series; a YA dark, urban fantasy. Books 3-6 coming soon!



About the Author

profile photo

CK Sorens lives in California with her husband, their three sons, and their dog, Pippin.

She enjoys days at the beach, day hikes, and sitting on the patio with a small fire and a glass of wine.

Trimarked is CK’s debut novel.

Afflicted is book two.

To keep tabs on future books, you can find her on social media and at her website,


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