Hidden Bombs

The Phoenix Force Series

By Lilliana Rose

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Available on Kindle Unlimited

Release Date: 18 March 2022



Mae had failed before and it would only be a matter of time until it happened again. Then there would be more blood on her hands. She’ll never go back to her team.

Mae has left the only place she considered home and the people who were her only family. It’s best she wasn’t with them she will only cause them to be killed.

On a path of destruction she meets Nate, who presents a chance for her not only to get back to what she’s good at but also to open her heart. Somehow Nate’s mixed up in a crime group and has to protect him before they kill him. Mae realises there’s more than one hidden bomb she needs to defuse in order to stop her worst nightmares coming true. Can she help Nate, and her team and in doing so reconnected with the only skill she has?


The Prequel – Susan Horsnell

Payback: Phoenix Style – Susan Horsnell

Hidden Bombs – Lilliana Rose

Kelly’s Justice – Suzi Love

Free Rein – D’Ann Lindun

Bad Blood – Gemma Arlington

Black Mass – Aleisha Maree

Rise Up – Rebecca Barber

Hellfire – Vi Summers

Phantom Warrior – J.O Mantel

Endless Regrets – K.S. Freyson & Kinley Crain

Freya’s Revenge – JA Lafrance

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