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Title: Wailing Wiccan (Mountain Magic)

Author: Jakki Frances

Release Date: 1 March 2022



A long time ago, under the light of a full moon, the community of an Australian mountain came together to celebrate.

A vampire met a witch and magic happened.

Willa walks a careful line between the human and supernatural world.

Living her life and her parents wishes as a normal human scientist by day, while letting her Wiccan soul free within the safety of the mountains.

Dreaming of a life in which she finds love, passion and is free to be herself.

Saskia and her family are the new coven on the block.

The first vampires on the mountain, they are a curiosity; their magic is as old and strong as they are.

One day is pretty much the same as the last, until a tasty, young witch catches Saskia’s eye.

Magic and passions ignite when supernatural worlds come together.

But all magic comes with a price but when disaster strikes, will their magic be enough or will the price be too high?

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About the Author

A life long book dork, voracious reader, book blogger, regular dreamer and slightly crazy cat lady, living in outback Australia, where the best days involve pancakes, tacos and random plot ideas.

A lifesaving superhero by day and putting whatever crazy is running through her head into words by night. Dreaming of love and creating different versions of the perfect book boyfriend… all with a little Aussie spin.

Everyday life is weaved through each story, a roadtrip I took, a person I once knew, a friends quirks – every character you read you are meeting someone in my life… see if you can find yourself. I write whatever crazy happens to be in my head at any given moment. Whether a friends to lovers, a fairy tale, a fun escapade, a filthy good girl gone wrong or a sweet shifter love, you never know what you’re going to get. Why limit yourself to a single genre right? The only guarantee is that love wins in the end; I don’t promise happily ever after but I do promise the perfect love for the story.

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