Look What’s Now Live!

Unsaid Release.


Authors: L.A. Boruff and Daphne Moore
Release Date: 21 July 2022


Ceridwen Gault—disaster witch extraordinaire.

And right now, an involuntary guest in another dimension.

Offering herself as a sacrifice to free her daughter from a kidnapping should have been a no-brainer, and it was. Only now Ceri finds herself trapped in a prison dimension, trapped with a magical asshat who is just as desperate to free himself as she is to be out of there. One problem: he actually deserves to be there. Second? There’s a bunch of other people trapped there who don’t deserve to be.

Ceri doesn’t want to free he-who-definitely-should-not-be-her-problem. He thinks she’s capable of breaking the magic keeping him there, which should make her feel special but really only makes her feel even more trapped. Now her choice is simple: will she do whatever it takes to save herself and the innocents in this place, or will she choose the greater good by not unleashing an ancient power that could destroy everything she loves in her world?


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