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By N J Adel

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We were born enemies

Our worlds weren’t meant to cross paths until my family took her sister

Nothing will extinguish the fire in her chest but revenge

Nothing will extinguish the fire in mine but her body

But in the dark night that locked our destinies together, our secrets bleed

I’m the only one who can save her, but I’m no hero

I’m a Night Skull after all, the son of the notorious San Francisco MC’s president

The heir to the corrupted kingdom

I have to hurt her even if she’s the only who can save me

In my world, there’s no room for redemption

Only rage, hate, blood and pain

Lots and lots of pain

But what hurts the most is falling for my enemy

A game of submission begins

Who will win? Or will we both lose?

Dusty is an enemies to lovers biker romance with a strong heroine that can bring an alpha hole to his knees.

You doNOTneed to read Furore or Tirone first. This book is set in San Francisco chapter, not Texas, and you can start reading the series here.

It’s part one of a duet. Of course, there are questions and conflicts to be resolved in part 2 Cameron.

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