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Title: Books & Suits

Author: S.C. Principale

Genre: Friends to Lovers


Amanda Gardella and Joel Martin were best friends growing up in the same suburban town.

Secure in the knowledge that they could defy the stereotype that “boys and girls can’t be best friends”, they steadfastly resisted the lure of being high school steadies—even if they fed the rumor mill a little too much!

They were sure they’d always have time for each other as adults—but Amanda followed the books, becoming a librarian at the local university.

Joel followed the suits, leaving town to join a high-pressure investment firm in the city.

Time, distance, and a little bit of resentment that Books and Suits came between them, Amanda and Joel’s close relationship dwindled to little more than wistful memories.

Then, one day Joel’s world gets turned upside down and he realizes there’s only one person who can make things right again.


About the Author

Award-winning author S.C. Principale believes in writing stories she wants to read, which is why she writes thrillers, mysteries, and steamy paranormal romances.

Her stories are filled with strong, sassy heroines and the unique, often otherworldly men who love them.

S.C. lives in a historically-rich county, where haunted battlegrounds serve as neverending inspiration.

S.C. is a self-proclaimed history nerd, following old mysteries, baking, and leading theater and musical groups.

Her home life consists of scrounging space for her laptop without tripping over two kids, two dogs, a mischievous chinchilla, and the most patient, sexy husband in the world.

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