Standing in the Dark

SPH Series Book 2

By Bella Paige

Cover Designer: Darling Book Designs

Release Date: November 9

Hosted by DS Book Promotions


Senior Detectives Sergeant Hart’s team step into the world of lies, murder and betrayal when an undercover police officer is attacked and left for dead while posing as an exotic dancer. When evidence starts leading to Australia’s most nefarious mob, the DiNozzo’s. Arianna and Lachlan’s sudden disappearance puts headquarters on high alert. Will the rest of the team be able to save them in time? Or will Arianna face the same fate as her mother? Join Arianna Hart’s team on the hunt as they follow the evidence that leads them to a cold case that exposes family secrets and love lingers in the air for more than one couple. Will they all come out unscathed?

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