Christmas CAT-astrophe

Holiday Pet Sleuth Mysteries

By Annee Jones

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It’s beginning to look a lot like arson this Christmas season…


The Cat Café is buzzing with excitement this holiday season as they prepare for the Holiday Fur Ball & Silent Auction. As Tinsley and her crew put the finishing touches on the treats and decorations, she can’t help but daydream about the new animal shelter she hopes to build with the money from the auction.


The excitement soon fizzles, however, when a fire breaks out at the café with the fur babies inside. Thankfully, they’re rescued by firefighters and all safe and sound. But everyone at the Cat Café is shocked when the fire’s cause is determined to be arson. With the future of the new shelter now on shaky ground, Tinsley knows what she must do.


She must find the culprit before they try again. Even if she has to work with the handsome but know-it-all representative from the ball’s big tech sponsor, Nick Greenly.


Perhaps rescue cat Jingle and his feline friends may have some ideas that could help solve the case? But time is running out…can they pinch the Grinch before he or she ruins the Holiday Fur Ball and spoils everyone’s Christmas too?


Find out the fate of the beloved Cat Café and the new shelter and brighten your holidays by reading Christmas CAT-astrophe today!

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