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Authors: Tich Brewster & Shalisha Cooper 
Cover: RLS Images Graphics and Design 
Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Hosted by Blissful Services 


 Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. Some even come with flashing blue lights. 
 Being raised by a drug addict leaves its mark. Internal scars that refuse to heal, and a heart that feels unworthy. 
 When Raven’s mother dies of an overdose, she ends up face-to-face with a man from her past. Officer Damon Ramirez is a man Raven should not date. He is everything that her brother and his club disapprove of. Despite knowing that, she finds herself deeply attracted to the officer. 
Raven has secrets. Dark secrets she has never divulged to anyone.
 When those secrets come knocking on her door, will Damon be able to save her from that dark past? 




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