Title: Vanity Rush
Collection Title: Players & Sinners Club 
Author: Kristy Gibs
Release Dates: January 6, 2023
Genre: Sports Romance (Pride/Football)
Cover Design: Touch Creations
Organization: Rewritten Fairytales
Misfit? Psh.
Assfit is more like it.
Xavier Thompson tore me to pieces ten years ago when he traded my love for a football dream. Granted, it worked out great for him. More than great, considering he’s on every news outlet in the country and on the worship list of many.
For me, not so much. Despite the tattered mess he left me in, I fought to pull myself together. But after making a career-ending mistake, I’m hanging on to my job by a thread. A thin thread, which will snap if I turn down my next PR assignment: my cocky ex.
Since Xavier insists on doing stupid things on a daily basis, cleaning his image requires an extreme measure. A fake engagement. Now all he has to do is pretend, and all I have to do is try not to fall… again.


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