Title: Jealous Stryker
Collection Title: Players & Sinners Club 
Author: Lexi Noir
Release Dates: January 13, 2023
Genre: Sports Romance (Envy/Soccer)
Cover Design: Touch Creations
Organization: Rewritten Fairytales
Having everything is not a sign of a successful and happy life.
Stryker had it all, he was one of the top players in the Soccer league, sought after by many clubs and even more women. But his heart belongs to only one woman, Sophia.
Unfortunately, after showing his jealous side, she is now dating his nemesis, Jenkins.
After months of exploding at everything and putting his team in jeopardy, one fan’s actions puts him in the limelight once again.
When accused of something so heinous, Stryker is hurt even more when Sophia doesn’t believe him when he says he’s innocent.
Can he get over the betrayal of the woman he loves? Will he be able to play Soccer again? Can he prove his innocence to his team and the woman he loves?


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