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Title: Mated for Peace

Genre: Paranormal Romance

By Victoria Christine

Hosted by Blissful Services



Remy Jackson is a dominant grizzly set in his ways. He lives a quiet life following his Alpha’s orders and serving as his second. When one of those orders turns out to be a favor, and a mysterious female, he can’t turn his back on. One that can change Bear Spring Ranch and its clan forever.

Harley Evans’ good deed has finally come full circle in the form of a giant, sexy cowboy. When the escape plan goes wrong, and the two end up on a harrowing roadtrip, she finds that she’s been lied to her entire life. She unearths secrets and enemies from years past.

Remy places everything on the line for a woman he doesn’t know, but he’s decided he doesn’t matter.

Harley is on the run from a life she’s never known straight into the arms of a man she doesn’t know.

Can the crazy clouds of chaos settle long enough for them to find peace on the horizon in the second installment of this yummy Shifter series? Read Mated for Peace, Bear Spring Ranch Shifters Series!


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