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Title: Grounds for Redemption
Author: Melinda Owens & Anne Conley
Editing: Kimberly Dawn
Cover Model: Ryan Harmon
Photographer: Eric Battershell
Cover: Meg Murray Designs
Formatting: Ebook Builders

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Genre: Military Romance

Previously published as Redemption for Misty with Susan Stoker’s Aces Press, this is rewritten for Melinda Owens’ series of Unknown Ops.

Jason, AKA Nova, has had a crush on his teammate’s sister since he first pinned her picture on the wall above his bunk in basic. Now, they’re out of the military, and his buddy needs a favor: keep an eye on his sister, so she doesn’t get scared being alone.

It’s a no-brainer. Jason doesn’t want to make his buddy mad, but he’ll do anything to be around Misty more. And keeping her safe tugs on his cave-man heartstrings.

Misty has been through a lot. Surviving a kidnapping at the hands of a serial abductor, she has nightmares. But she’s moving on, partnering to start a coffee shop, hoping to make enough money to help other survivors in similar positions.

Her over-protective brother won’t let her be alone, and when the sparks fly between her and her “babysitter”, she’s helpless to ignore them.

When an armed gunman holds Misty hostage in her sanctuary, Jason may be the only one who can help.

Or maybe not. Enter the Unknown Ops, a group of men infamous for being in the right place at the right time.



About the Unknown Ops series:

No government entity will claim them. They are nobodies. A group of men from varied Special Forces backgrounds, doing unsanctioned dirty work, they are the best of the best. But no knows where they come from, or who they work for.

All anybody knows is they work for the government of the US. Or do they?

They are the unknown.


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