Author: Tricia Wentworth 

Series: The Enchanted Kingdom Book Three

Release Date: 03 March 23


The rest of the realm can burn, but I made sure you will always be safe.

Jorah Demir has a huge secret. With the Assemblages still ongoing and magic now running through her veins, the king’s watchful eyes have never felt more threatening.

Jorah is thrown into a life she wasn’t prepared for and finds herself more powerful than she ever could have imagined. Struggling with her new magic, and fighting for the future they all deserve, Jorah knows it’s a matter of life or death as they attempt the impossible in taking down the king. 
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A crooked crown which belonged to a prince. A prince who very well might become king someday. But he wasn’t my prince. Or wasn’t supposed to be. Yet now he was.




Book One in the Series



Some women in Wylan had dreamt of this day. Some pined and planned for it their entire lives.

Chosen for the Assemblages of Consorts, Jorah Demir will have the opportunity to vie for the twin crown princes’ affections. Though no one knows which prince will eventually rule, they are two of the most powerful Enchanted in all the kingdom.

Not only is a chance for a crown at stake, but also a small drop of the royal bloodline’s magic. Jorah isn’t interested in either. Both princes are Enchanted, the very type of people responsible for her father’s murder.

From the lowest level of the kingdom and without magic, she is forced to go above the walls of Wylan and into the castle itself. She only has one goal: to avoid the crown princes and not, under any circumstances, form an attachment with either one of them.

Surrounded by Enchanted at every turn, she soon learns not all are as evil as she assumed. And when the king’s magic doesn’t affect her, everything Jorah thought she knew is called into question.


Book Two in the Series



Jorah Demir has done the unthinkable, she has switched Assemblages. During an attempt to flee, Prince Krewan saved her from being apprehended by the king’s guards. But there is a catch. The king believes her relationship with Prince Krewan to be real. Now they must sell their ruse like Jorah’s life depends upon it. Because it does—she is surrounded by Enchanted at every turn.

With the king’s guards appearing at all hours of the day, Jorah and Krew are forced to uphold the ruse even behind closed doors. And when Jorah’s blood causes a bloom in the dead forest, it sends them chasing down answers together.

As the Assemblages continue and the lines between their budding friendship and their ruse blur, Jorah will have to make a tough decision. Can she leave the castle knowing the danger the princes must face? And with her newfound ability to heal the forest, will she ever be safe from the king again?


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About the Author


Tricia Wentworth is the award-winning author of The Culling series.

Though she began writing at a young age, she didn’t realize her love of writing would take over until after she graduated college with her teaching degree.

She currently resides in Nebraska with her husband, three sons, and English bulldog.

She hoards notebooks, pretty pens, books, and tea.

When not reading, writing, or momming, she can be found squeezing in a run or feeding her sugar addiction by baking something ridiculously delicious.


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