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Wishes really can come true

and what better time of the year than at Christmas?

A special time of the year where families,

lovers and friends get together and celebrate.

So will this Christmas be magical for you?

Will your dreams and wishes come true?

Hopeful, Colorado has a history; a history of love and loss, wishes and dreams, miracles and blessings. Fifteen stories of the people who live in Hopeful, Colorado.


Release Date 13 November 2019


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Two lucky winners will each receive a $60 gift card, just in time for the holiday season.
Participating authors include:
DL Gallie – Dawn Umrie – Melissa Keir – Debra J. Falasco – Kate Benson – JA Lo – Susan Horsnell – ML Rodriguez – Rebecca Robertson – Rebecca Barber – Lyssa Layne – Liz Ashlee
Good Luck. Open internationally.
Competition open 1-10 December
Winner will be chosen 11 December at random.
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