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Title: Enchanted Kingdom

Author: Tricia Wentworth

Release Date:  10 October 2022
Romantic Fantasy/Sword & Sorcery Fantasy


Some women in Wylan had dreamt of this day. Some pined and planned for it their entire lives. 
Chosen for the Assemblages of Consorts, Jorah Demir will have the opportunity to vie for the twin crown princes’ affections. Though no one knows which prince will eventually rule, they are two of the most powerful Enchanted in all the kingdom.

Not only is a chance for a crown at stake, but also a small drop of the royal bloodline’s magic. Jorah isn’t interested in either. Both princes are Enchanted, the very type of people responsible for her father’s murder.

From the lowest level of the kingdom and without magic, she is forced to go above the walls of Wylan and into the castle itself. She only has one goal: to avoid the crown princes and not, under any circumstances, form an attachment with either one of them.

Surrounded by Enchanted at every turn, she soon learns not all are as evil as she assumed. And when the king’s magic doesn’t affect her, everything Jorah thought she knew is called into question.



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About the Author

Tricia Wentworth is the award-winning author of The Culling series.

Though she began writing at a young age, she didn’t realize her love of writing would take over until after she graduated college with her teaching degree.

She currently resides in Nebraska with her husband, three sons, and English bulldog.

She hoards notebooks, pretty pens, books, and tea.

When not reading, writing, or momming, she can be found squeezing in a run or feeding her sugar addiction by baking something ridiculously delicious.

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Title: A Dowry of Snails and Mud

Author: Brittany Tucker

Release Date: 10 January 2023

Young Adult Medieval Fiction/Royalty Folklore/Fairytale


16-year-old, Rhia Caddell, doesn’t know what’s worse-arranged marriages or high finance. 

Now she’s stuck with both when her desperate father agrees to marry her to the oh-so-dainty Prince of Wales in an attempt at royal tax negotiations.

As a farmer, Rhia prefers toiling in the earth over romance.

Life in a fiefdom requires muscle, and what good is a man who can’t outlift her or bring a belligerent steer to the ground?

But now, the pressure has fallen onto her to whoo (or intimidate) her new, royal husband into erasing her village’s debt before the king’s final deadline comes due.

Problem is, the prince has been given the same task-to sway his new wife, the mayor’s daughter, into forking over the gold and finally earning his father’s approval.

For Rhia, losing their new, delicate game would mean turning over the only life and home she’s ever known to the king.

Winning, though, could mean giving up the fragile prince she’s tried so hard, and failed, not to love.

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About the Author

Brittany Tucker lives on an island off the coast of Washington state with her husband, daughter, a menagerie of fur-children, and her imagination. She prefers generic cereal, collects tattoos and action figures, and was in the top 5% on the planet for ship’s sunk in Assassin’s Creed III.

She studied old Hollywood story telling and script writing with professionals, and works with children and teens in youth ministry, giving her a deeper insight into what young readers crave in stories.

Brittany also likes to write books from time to time. (Just kidding, all the time.)

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Title: The Blind Seer
Series: The Gifted Highlanders Series Book 1
Author: Kelly Ann Scott
Genre: Historical Romance, set in the Scottish Highlands’ late Medieval era
Release Date: April 8, 2022
Cover Design: Kim Killion, from the Killion Group
When a problem becomes a solution
Chieftain Alexander Mackenzie swore to hide his seer curse, taking a vow of celibacy to that end. He also learned—the hard way—to heed his premonitions, even if they’re unclear. For instance, foreseeing his clan’s victory in battle leaves him wondering how clan Fraser will side with his people then. That is, until a spirited Fraser lass stumbles onto his path—time and again.
When stakes run high, and options run out
Marjorie Fraser struggles to avoid a marriage riddled with dire consequences. While escaping the unwanted union, she becomes entangled in the alliance plots of her family’s bitter enemy. Cornered, she proposes to marry him—with a few conditions.
Lonely souls craft their future, or they doom it
Alexander and Marjorie’s union is logical and their feelings have no part in it—until their passion flares. But outside wars and inner feuds threaten to shatter them. Worst of all, after misreading a vision, will Alexander choose his people, or his heart?

“We’re only passing, sir,” Fergus said peacefully, disadvantaged against the mounted men. “We travel to Inverness’s harbour. These ladies will soon sail to a Lowlands convent.”

“You might be a few hours from Inverness, but you will not make it there.” Alexander turned to the women. “Where is Nell?”

Marjorie hesitated, yet chose to fake a misunderstanding. “Who?”

“Your sister. A band of MacDonalds will capture you two soon, at your chieftain’s order.”

“Liar!” Fergus shook a fist at him.

“You need proof? You shall have it.” Alexander sheathed his sword onto his shoulder baldric, dismounted, and fished from his sporran a folded piece of paper.

“What manner of trickery is this?” Fergus growled.

“You are right to call it trickery, but we are not doing the tricking. I shall let you read this, but not touch it. You will not destroy the evidence of Daegan Fraser’s deception.”

Fergus hunched his shoulders. “I can’t read well.”

“I can.” Marjorie quivered under the weight of several inquisitive gazes, Mackenzies and Frasers alike.

“A feat for a blacksmith’s ward.” Alexander approached the cart and stretched out a hand. “Fine. But your gaze shall be the sole thing touching this letter. Come down.”

Nell squirmed, her blue eyes huge in her small face. “Go alone?”

Alexander frowned. “Who is this? And you still have not told me where Nell is.”

Marjorie inhaled and braced herself for the mocking looks they received whenever her sibling encountered strangers. “’Tis my sister, Nell.”

Alexander’s two-tone green gaze widened, but no disdain marred his handsome features. Luckily, he did not press the matter either. “Take my hand and come down.”

Marjorie obeyed. Once they were levelled, he roughly twirled her around. She squealed as he trapped her between his body and the cart. She wanted to protest the intimate position. But when he placed his arms on both sides of her, holding the missive on the floorboards to prevent her from snatching it, any objection faded on her lips.

Blood stained the parchment.

Kelly Ann’s passport is Canadian, yet her spiritual home is in Scotland. That’s where her soul was born. And that’s only one of the many dualities that makes her a walking contradiction.
She was a member of the Canadian Armed Forces for thirteen years, but she’s a peaceful person who loves nothing more than a romance novel. Couldn’t love be the answer to wars?
Her Maternal language is French, but as she reads mostly in English, she writes in that language. Moreover, it allows her to help other authors if they need snippets from la langue de l’amour.
She teaches pre-hospital care to adults and take the endeavour seriously, but she can be a clown when relaxing—or when teaching; her andragogy style requires some acting skills!
She dislikes the sight of blood and the concept of suffering, but she’s faced with it often since she’s a medical responder for her municipality’s fire department. She also doesn’t mind putting her characters straight into epic physical battles.
There are many other contradictions about her but to know them all, you would need to ask her wonderful husband, William. Hem…. On second thought, do NOT ask him; she’s afraid of what he might tell you!
Joining two specifics, different parts of her character led her to her writing career:
The warrior side of her saw Bosnia Herzegovina’s civil war, fights MS every day, trains hard to stay fit and defies conventions by working in predominantly male environments, either in the fire department where she responds to emergency calls of in the Maritime fields where she teaches.
The poet facet of her dreams of glens and lochs, imagines falcons hunting on desolate moors, devises settings where sea breeze flows and mist lingers, ponders on a time when loyalty was inbred in you, and revels in childhood memories of a beloved father who adored history, Scotland and Ireland. Merci papa, for transmitting that love to me.
Historical romance is her favourite genre so she joined RWA (Romance Writers of America) in 2014 and HHRW (Hearts Through History Romance Writers) shortly after. Her first book, The Blind Seer, finaled in two contests; HHRW’s Romance Through The Ages, and Indiana Romance Writers’ Indiana Golden Opportunity.
Her stories and characters spring from the British Isles in the Medieval era, she loves to ask herself: “What if that historical event happened due to ________?” She then fills in the blank!