To Life

Title: To Life — A Young Holocaust Survivor’s Journey to Freedom
Author: Marsha Casper Cook
Genre: YA- Historical
This is the touching and inspirational story of Sala Lewis, who at age ten was left alone to wander the streets of Poland after her family was taken away by the Nazis. Sala had been out with her friends and came home to find her family gone and the apartment where she lived sealed off. Everything she possessed was no longer hers. She had no family, no clothes, no food … Less
This is the touching and inspirational story of Sala Lewis, who at age ten was left alone to wander the streets of Poland after her family was taken away by the Nazis.
Sala had been out with her friends and came home to find her family gone and the apartment where she lived sealed off. Everything she possessed was no longer hers. She had no family, no clothes, no food, and at that moment in time, no future.
Sala was strong willed. It was easy to see that, even though she was young, Sala would not get lost in the world. She wouldn’t give up and she wouldn’t allow herself to be afraid. Her uncompromising determination led her to find the camp where her sister, Dora, was being kept. Once the sisters were together, nothing could stop them.
Their love and commitment to each other continued to be beyond reproach throughout their time together. They believed in the American dream and the land of opportunity.
From romance and inspirational to adventure and fiction, Marsha has more than 20 years of experience in the writing industry. Overall, there are 12 books, five of which are children’s and 11 feature-length screenplays published and written under her name. Several of her screenplays have been optioned by Production Companies.
She has a lot of fun with her writing and with her latest romantic comedy, It’s Never Too Late For Love, she has decided to use this book as the start for a new series featuring Gracie, as dog that is not only an angel, but she talks.
She is also the founder of Michigan Avenue Media and a partner of the World of Ink Network where she does her podcast, A Good Story Is A Good Story. Marsha is not only the host she currently produces all the Podcasts. Her shows are about writing and what’s new in the entertainment field.
She also tackles many subjects that are currently in the news. The World Of Ink/ Michigan Avenue Media has produced hundreds of shows over the last eight years and will continue to help writers reach their goals as she did when Marsha founded the literary agency Marcus Bryan & Associates in 1996.
She achieved signatory status from the Writers Guild of America (WGA) within two years. In that capacity, she has represented more than 100 screenwriters and authors, and has also optioned books to movie production companies.
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Back 2 School – Mixed Genres


REJOICE! The children are back in school.

For those who live to read…here are some awesome books provided by the incredible authors who wrote them. All in celebration of the new school year.

While a few of these books might be oldies, but goodies…others could be new and fresh off the presses.

Relax and find your new favorite author.

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Over the last month and a half Magic of Books has presented ten different genres. This post is a mix of genres that may not have been previously presented. Included in this post are genres ranging from self-help to fiction to memoirs.

Please enjoy these books. The list is available in alphabetically order by title.

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50 Things No One Tells You About Book Publishing by Ella Medler

Non-Fiction Author resources – Selfhelp

50 Things No One Tells You About Book Publishing – Clever Solutions To Help You Deal With Publishing, Clearly And Truthfully Explained

The first steps into publishing can be a bewildering experience. This book is intended to remove the pink filters and show Publishing for what it is. Secrets are revealed, myths debunked, practical solutions and coping strategies provided – all tried and tested. Whether you are still deciding whether authorship is for you or you have already caught the bug, this is your honest, clear guide to the many things you should be aware of.

A Day of Pleasure by Cora Cade

Contemporary Fiction

Welcome to the Drunken Duck, a pub where the men are fine as hell and the ladies know how to get what they want.

In MORNING LIGHT, Noah Harper returns home from deployment to find his kid brother’s best friend isn’t a tomboy anymore. Tennyson Sharpe has been waiting for Noah to notice her for nearly ten years and she’ll be damned if she lets the opportunity pass.

When Army Ranger Callum Eversman arrives on the scene in TWO IN THE AFTERNOON, he’ll do anything to protect Molly Ryan, but will a hot fling satisfy her craving for him

Chris Harper falls hard for the feisty Lainey Eversman in STAY THE NIGHT. She’s got a hands-off policy when it comes to pretty boys, but Chris is out to prove he’s nothing like the man she left behind.

A Day of Pleasure Anthology:

Book #1: Morning Light

Book #2: Two in the Afternoon

Book #3: Stay the Night

Defined by Others by M.C.V. Egan

Women’s Contemporary Fiction

A word, a single word defines a moment for Anne. She needs to find a new one when her spouse leaves her at the age of 47, coming out of the closet literally in a closet. She finds herself back in her hometown amongst her high school friends which she left behind in her past.

An inheritance from a friend leaves her with the means to meddle and spy on the lives of some of their mutual acquaintances. In an attempt to run from her reality Anne gets engrossed in a game of “fun” and “flirtation” with her friend and fellow sufferer Connie at her side. Anne however did not read all the files and what to her is fun games turns into a deadly reality. It is no longer a game.

Life, death and not even a defining word can stop the reality of manipulation.

Luck Be an Angel by Liza O’Connor


Reporter, Ethan Long, is sent into the backwoods of Arkansas to investigate a woman who claims her sixteen boys were born by Immaculate Conception. Not believing in divine intervention, Ethan plans to uncover the identity of the man who continues to impregnate Sara Smith every year, leaving her to raise her sons on nothing but luck and love. He enters their home as a tutor and eventually discovers the truth, but not before he has fallen in love with Sara and her wonderful boys. Now he must face his own crossroad in life and decide whether to follow his heart or his professional obligations.

The Bridge of Deaths by M.C.V. Egan

Historical Fiction

The Bridge of Deaths is based on the crash of Lockheed Electra10A G-AESY August 15, 1939. True events and real people investigated through conventional and unconventional sources in Denmark, England, Mexico and the United States. The reader feel that he/she is also sifting through data and forming their own conclusions.

The Business of Writing by Kim Headlee

Non-Fiction Author resources – Selfhelp

Have you written a book but don’t know how to go about getting it published?

Have you published a book but need advice distributing it to more sales channels?

Are you hunting for more ways to improve your bottom line?

The Business of Writing: Practical Insights for Independent, Hybrid, and Traditionally Published Authors is the go-to guide for everyone wishing to start—or jump-start—their writing careers.

Whether you write fiction or nonfiction, discover the answers to such questions as:

—Do I really need to incorporate, what “flavor” of company should I set up, and how do I take the plunge?

—How do I manage my writing expenses and taxes?

—What is an ISBN, where do I get one, and how many will I need?

—What is an imprint and how do I establish one for my books?

—What decisions must I face in the prepublication phase?

—Do I need to register my book’s copyright and how do I accomplish it? What about using other copyrighted materials?

—How on earth do I condense my 100K-word book to a 300-word description, let alone a 20-word tagline?

—How do I select the best keywords for my book?

—What makes for a great cover and how can I get one?

—What do I need to know about book formatting—print as well as digital?

—How can I turn my book into an audiobook?

—How do I develop and refine my author brand?

—How can I land invitations to speak at conferences and conventions?

—I use several pseudonymns. How do I manage them all?

—What’s an ARC? A media kit? A book trailer? A blog tour?

—Do I really need to start a blog? Send out a newsletter? Dive into social media? Give away my books?

—How do I price my book? Should I pick one price or vary it? Where are the best places to advertise my sale events?

—How much is all of this going to cost me??

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the publication and promotion process, let award-winning, critically acclaimed author Kim Iverson Headlee give you the practical wisdom you need to stay on task and perhaps even come out ahead.

Ty’s Journey: Sharing the Lessons, Life and Love of My Adopted PTSD Collie by Ryan Jo Summers

Non-Fiction, Memior, Pets

In March, 2015, nine collies were transported from a Tennessee neglect/ hoarding situation to a North Carolina breed-rescue organization. They were collectively called “”The Baseball Team””, and individually they were given baseball-themed names.They were all untrained, neglected and distrustful of people.Some had reverted to near wild-dog instinctive behavior. A male blue merle called Ty Cobb was the first to be adopted.

His adopted ‘mama’ recorded the first two years of their journey, chronicling their challenges, doubts, setbacks, successes, surprises, and ultimate triumphs as Ty first learned to trust, then to blossom and thrive.

Written in diary style, this is the story of that one particular, unique collie. He went from being a near-feral hoarding victim, without even a name, through a long trail of adjustments, to belonging to a family that treasured him for the special hallmarks that make him ‘Ty’. Along the way, as he healed, he also brought healing to others in need.

* A portion of each sale of this book will go to benefit the Collie Rescue of the Carolina’s.

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From Ashes of Pity into Beauty of Purpose


by Debra Gray-Elliott


Genre: Non-fiction Christian Self-help/Inspirational

Every day of every second a woman has an abortion. Every day of every second a woman has to live with the emotional turmoil of her decision. Forty years ago, at the age of sixteen I had an abortion changing me forever. I fell into the darkness of pity and struggled to rise from the ashes into the beauty of purpose.

From Ashes of Pity into Beauty of Purpose takes women who have had an abortion from hurting to healing through many journeys of self-discovery, showing them how God delights in them, how they can achieve their purpose, and learn to live again.

Struggling to rise from the ashes of pity takes many journeys. A woman who has had an abortion goes through many of journeys of self-discovery. She must learn to heal, forgive, give herself value, respect herself, have confidence, and be content in who she is.

Going through each journey helps a hurting woman discover nine ways God delights in them. From Ashes of Pity into Beauty of Purpose shows a hurting woman how to become a woman of faith, knowledge, encouragement, compassion, strength, wisdom, hope, character, and purpose in order to get through the ashes into the beauty.

Discovering how God delights in them helps a hurting woman find her purpose. From the Ashes of Pity into the Beauty of Purpose directs women toward the beauty of purpose with healing the broken, helping the hurting, and harboring the lost so they can live again by rejoicing in everything, renewing their mind, reviving their spirit, rejuvenating their soul, and reminding themselves of their beauty.

Rising from the ashes of pity is difficult. From Ashes of Pity into Beauty of Purpose is designed to make the journey easier.



God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Therefore, will not we fear, though the earth be removed, and though the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea; Though the waters thereof roar and be troubled, though the mountains shake with the swelling thereof. Psalm 46:1-3 KJV

The years have slowly tick-tocked away and I still have not found the solace needed throughout my journey of self-healing. I constantly find myself (as I am sure other women who have suffered and survived through an abortion; planned or unplanned) pondering the reality of what happened to me, to my body over forty years ago.

In my personal journey of self-healing, I have dealt with that reality in many ways to block the memories. I wanted to forget those painful memories forever seared in my mind, burned into my soul. I turned to drugs (one of the most common areas that many young women who have experienced an abortion do too often) tuning out the pain, the memories.

Drugs are a quick fix and only temporarily block the pain and the reality. Drugs aren’t the answer, nor should be a solution to a woman’s journey of self-healing. I also turned to unprotected sex as a way of forgetting the pain I had pent up inside my hollowed-out body, a shell of my soul. I knew unprotected sex was wrong. I knew I could get pregnant again. In the months following my abortion, I became confused as to who I was. I became reckless and irrational in my behavior. I didn’t care what I did or who I had sex with, I just wanted to forget. I couldn’t face myself. The bitterness and shame grew deep within my soul like the roots of a mighty oak tree.

My heart and mind were being strangled with guilt and shame. I could not let myself heal. It took years for me to come out of my dazed stupor and realize unprotected sex wasn’t the answer for my healing process. It took years to realize I was never alone.

Throughout the years of my most painful, personal journey I have learned to express my feelings in writing. I have found that writing is a good release of all the pent up emotional baggage a woman stores inside herself after an abortion. As a Christian woman who has experienced an abortion, the most meaningful part of my journey of self-healing has been the bible.

The Word of God has brought comfort to my hurt. I learned to replace drugs and unprotected sex with God’s love. Psalm 46:1-3 tells us that God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. When our heart and soul are troubled, we should turn to God. We heal through His strength and very presence in our lives. Let the Word of God heal you. Let it be your strength, your solace, and your comfort in your journey of self-healing.

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Debra Ann Gray-Elliott is a Christian speaker and author who shares the Lord’s message of hope and love in everyday life

Her works includes two poetry collections, as well as inclusion in several Christian anthologies.

Debra’s recent works include her personal stories of dealing with the loss of her daughter Ashley in 2013 in the anthologies Grief Diaries: Poetry & Prose and More and Grief Diaries: Will We Survive.

Debra’s first non-fiction Christian inspirational book From Ashes of Pity into Beauty of Purpose brings emotionally charred women who have had an abortion out of the pits of fire, through the ashes into the beauty of purpose. With the direction of God, hurting women weather through the painful journeys, become women of spiritual beauty, find God’s purpose, and learn to live again.

Debra is currently working on a new devotional to honor her daughter Ashley who passed away in 2013. Dancing through the Storms 365 Day Devotional: Surviving the Loss of a Child takes grieving parents on a daily journey of healing and hope.

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