Webley and the World Machine

Title: Webley and the World Machine
Author: Zachary Paul Chopchinski
Genre: Steampunk
Cover Designer: Deranged Doctor Designs
Publisher: Books & Bow Ties Publishing
Editor: plot2published
Release Date: January 11th, 2018
A world beneath our world.
An army of mechanical monsters.
A war to end all wars.
When Adalwolf Stein and Arija Rapp discover a mechanical world hidden deep within the earth, the result is life changing. Webley and the creators of The World Machine work to keep the Earth turning. But when Arija and Adalwolf discover a growing conflict that will destroy the Earth, they find themselves forced to fight.
Will they be able to stop the war in time or will they regret ever having set foot in The World Machine?

Zachary is a bow tie wearing, formal vest rocking, pocket watch using, sarcastic monster of a writer. Currently residing in Orlando, Florida, he spends his days working, writing and procrastinating.
Zach has multiple college degrees, in the fields of criminal justice and criminology…because he wanted to catch ALL the bad guys. Now, coupled with being an author of young adult fiction he spends his days yelling at people for breaking regulatory laws.
Zach is the author of the Gabrielle series, a young adult fantasy with a paranormal-historical-time traveling twist (try saying that five times fast)
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Breaking Branches


Blink: The Series

by J Kahele

Genre: Fantasy/Sci-Fi with a touch of Paranormal

Tragedy strikes Tia Cartwright at the tender age of fourteen and she employs alcohol as a coping mechanism, to rid the haunting memories.

By eighteen she is a full-fledged alcoholic. Attempting to find sobriety, she makes the decision to move, with her cousin Nick, to a place where she had been happy as a child, her parents’ vacation house in Maui.

Sobering up is a struggle for her. The detoxing more difficult than she realizes. She seeks comfort for her troubles in the ocean and all its surroundings. It’s here she encounters the woman on the cliff. A woman with breathtaking beauty and eyes that draw her in. A woman who will change her life forever.

Illuminated by the silvery moon, her hair was short and dark, with just a hint of white. Her skin was tan, her cheeks high and profound, lips as red as rubies. Yet what intrigued me the most was her amber eyes. They were glowing in the darkness and they drew me in. A perfect light enveloped me, a radiance that warmed me inside. The golden color was so intense that it sent an aching shiver creeping up my spine. I felt the urge to look away, but couldn’t. It was like watching a car crash, something so horrifying and yet fascinating at the same time. My vision began to blur and my head throbbed.


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I am a proud mother of three daughters who are my absolute complete existence. I write to relieve the scattered thoughts that stream through my mind, constantly. My biggest downfall is that I am a huge procrastinator, which makes my life at times hectic!


Adamanta – Iridia


Adamanta, Season 1 Episode 5

by T.Y. Carew & Ella Medler


Genre: Sci-Fi

A team of humans is willing to face almost insurmountable odds to save the human race from annihilation.

The search for Adamanta sends Xander’s team to a planet locked in ice. But what else lurks under the surface?

With the Beltine starting to realize the humans are using their precious metal in similar ways, they know they have to up their game. But how far will they go?

Join the Adamanta team as they save some human refugees from a life of slavery and control.

“There is metal in the rock you took from the human?” The Anassos blinked slowly, waiting for the Kyraos who’d just returned from the surface of Iridia to elucidate.

“Yes, Your Highness,” he answered as he bowed. “But there is more density of the metal within the human.”

“How so?” The Anassos turned her head and focused all her eyes on the shivering human girl who had been pushed to her knees by the Dairos holding the chain to her bound hands. “How did you acquire the polydinite in your body, human girl?” the queen asked, turning her fierce glare to her. “Answer me!”

The girl shivered more violently, shook her head feebly, and suddenly shrieked in agony. Her body convulsed a few times, then went limp at the feet of her guard, barely stirring. The queen huffed with impatience and turned to the Kyraos who had been giving his report.

“We cannot tell without more research.”


“Your Highness,” said another Kyraos with the crest of research staff on his uniform, “it is impossible to tell where the polydinite is stored within the human’s body. It seems to come from everywhere. It could be in her blood, or flesh, or bones—”

“Then cut her to pieces and find out!” screeched the Anassos. She swept around to her throne and settled down, dismissing them with one quick flick of her three-fingered hand.

Around her, heads bowed and silence echoed. The trembling of the human heap on the floor, now back to her knees, intensified. How the Anassos despised fear! Fear did nothing but lock up your senses. Fear would not save the girl. Nothing could save her.

She brought her spindly fingers to her chin, deep in thought.

Unless the girl could be made into a weapon.


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Episodes 1-6

From Book 1: A team of humans is willing to face almost insurmountable odds to save the human race from annihilation. But quite how safe from discovery and attack is the planet the research team has been secluded on?

Matt has spent her whole life helping her parents with research that could change the fate of the entire human race. She believes it’s time to take it to the next stage and use it in active combat, but is she really ready to join the war and fight for mankind?

Xander has dedicated his whole life to the military, keeping humans throughout the galaxy alive, no matter the risks. He’s struggling not to become disillusioned when, time and again, running away is the only option. Can he find the one thing humanity needs to turn the tide, and can he cope with that thing being a person?

T. Y. Carew is the pen name for an entire group of authors. They’ve come together to write the Adamanta series and other works in the same universe. So far, they consist of Stephen P. Scott, Andrew Bellingham, Ella Medler and Jess Mountifield. They’re a quirky bunch of writers, with a variety of genres under their belt and different elements to their styles we’ll hope you agree make an interesting blend. One thing they definitely have in common is the love of diving into a book and going on an adventure, be that reading or writing one!

This episode was written by Ella Medler.

Ella Medler is a U.K. author and editor. She writes fiction in many genres in a seemingly vain attempt to slow down her overactive brain enough to write non-fiction on subjects she knows a thing or two about. She also does not believe in the starchy use of English and ignores the type of rule that doesn’t allow for a sentence to be finished in a preposition. Her books are action-driven, and well-developed characters are her forte. Loves: freedom. Hates: her inner censor.


Rebellious Heart

Title: Rebellious Heart
Author: L.L. Hunter 
Genre: YA Dystopian/Sci-Fi
Cover Designer: Desiree DeOrto
Four years after Skye became the youngest president in history, and returned precious resources to her people,
She had hoped this would mean the end of the war.

But there is still a threat.

An enemy once thought dead has returned from the grave to exact revenge, and he won’t rest until he gets what he wants.

In the quest to give herself some credibility despite her young age, and to defeat their enemy, Skye, Lukas and their friends devise a plan to distract their enemy using a decoy, while they go in for the kill.

But, when their plan goes south,
Lukas and Skye must do whatever it takes to save their people and the world from ruin.

Even if it means betraying those they love the most.
In the thrilling conclusion to the Molten Heart Saga,
When matters of the heart are concerned,
Risks will be taken.
L.L. Hunter is the author of over 20 published works, including The Legend of the Archangel Series and The Garden of Eden. She has studied everything from veterinary nursing, forensic science, and dramatic arts, but has always known her true calling was to be an author. 

She has been writing since her teens – everything from fan fiction, to song lyrics, to plays and musicals. When not working on her next paranormal romance, she can be found at home in Australia, reading somewhere comfortable with one or both of her “fur babies.” Follow her on Facebook, Twitter @llhunterbooks, and her blog – http://llhunter.blogspot.com.au.

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29 The Series

29 – The Series

by Nancy Pennick


Genre: YA Sci-Fi

29 (Twenty-Nine)

Allie Sanders thinks life in a small town can’t get any more dull and boring. She plans to escape after graduation. After a bad break-up, she wants to sail through junior year without distraction. Then the mysterious loner sits down in front of her in AP English. He’s the guy she noticed last year desperately trying to stay invisible. She wants to know his secrets. Suddenly her much older military brother, Doug, makes a rare appearance. He takes a special interest in her life. Suspicious of his motives Allie holds back, never really trusting him. Doug wants what she wants—the boy she has come to love. No way would she let that happen. She’d go against family and friends to protect him—and his secrets—even if it ends up breaking her heart.

Our hands touched briefly and a tingle traveled up my arm and back down my spine. He quickly pulled away, handed me the folder and continued to pick up the rest of the mess. I didn’t know if I should say sorry or thank you because I couldn’t take my eyes off his gorgeous face.

As he placed the pile on my desk he looked directly at me, straight through to my soul. “You’re welcome.” His dark hair hung over his eyes and those chocolate orbs burned right through me. A slight smile crossed his face. Then it was over, and he turned back in his seat, pouring over that important book.

I brought my hand to my chest, the one he touched. It still tingled. Funny, I never felt that way with Josh. I never experienced anything when we held hands. Josh may have been a teenage crush but this felt like something more—more like danger and romance could be right around the corner.

I blinked and noticed my schedule still lay on the floor close to Heathcliff’s desk. I debated if I needed it, but didn’t want it in someone else’s hands. I leaned to the side and tried to extend my leg out into the aisle to pull the paper toward me. The schedule lay just beyond my reach. I slipped from my seat into a squatting position, praying no one watched. How embarrassing if anyone saw me. Super powers would be really great right now. Wishing for invisibility, I wiggled a few inches forward and picked up the paper.

As I scooted forward, I couldn’t help notice Loner’s sandals. I had the sudden urge to tell him he had good fashion sense. I caught my breath as I spotted something on the arch of his right foot. I couldn’t make out the whole thing. Part of the foot was covered by the sandal strap. Pen marks? Letters? A tattoo? My blood ran cold. I began to feel dizzy and steadied myself on my desk. I saw something I wished I hadn’t. Loner had a tattoo on the arch of his foot. I couldn’t make out the whole thing but what I saw was enough to send a chill down my spine—I-X.

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29² (Twenty-Nine Squared)

Nineteen-year-old Allie Sanders is a student at UCLA. She’s done everything she can to forget Lucas Montgomery and move on with her life. Her goal is to graduate early and live far from home, a place that holds painful memories.

Fate intervenes and her structured life topples. Lucas returns, or was he ever really gone? Her brother Doug still hunts them, and he’s become darker and more sinister than before.

Sometimes a girl has to resort to drastic measures to protect those she loves, and Allie feels forced to make a choice … one she hopes she won’t regret.

“Will!” I acted more shocked than I should.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to startle you. I know you have to work but wanted to stop by and see you.” He kissed the tip of my nose. “I’m not staying, you like your space and all.”

“Are you going to be around later?” I reached for his hand. “I have a break at three. We can do lunch.”

“You probably haven’t eaten anything. Can you wait till then?”

I pulled a breakfast bar from my bag. “I’ll be fine.”

Will ran his hand through my hair. “I want you to take care of yourself, Allie. Sometimes I feel like you’re going through the motions just to get through life.”

That was profound. I needed to start seeing Will for who he was, not as a distraction. He leaned in to kiss me. I backed away, the Lucas sighting still fresh in my mind. “I’ve got to get going.”

Guilt spread through me when I saw the expression on his face. I cleared my throat and shifted my bag to the other shoulder. “I’ll see you,” I said as I continued on to the library’s main desk. “Three o’clock, our usual place.” I called.

I shelved books and helped people find the section or book they needed during my shift, but my mind kept drifting elsewhere. I saw a place of hope and love and even a future. I wanted to slam the door shut on it and get back to the robotic existence I lived for almost two years. Life would be much easier. I hurt no one, and no one hurt me. But Will managed to push through that door.

Suddenly, a feeling of nausea swept over me. My legs trembled as I steadied myself against a bookshelf. I didn’t know if I could do this. I wanted to put the brakes on this new relationship, all because of Lucas—the man I could never have or see again. Darn! Why did I think I saw him at Nate’s, then here? Did I want him to secretly follow me?

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29° (Twenty-Nine Degrees)

After a wonderful celebration in Hawaii, Allie returns to the Niner community in Montana and learns her brother Doug plans to run for a seat in the U.S. Congress. As he is already head of the private security team, the STF, Allie is unsure of his motive, but is determined he must be stopped. She plans to go back to Virginia to sabotage the campaign, no matter the reason he’s running for office. This is just the beginning of another battle between brother and sister, but by the time this ends, it will affect more than just the Niners and Allie. It may change the world.

Nate and Lucas stood in front with the minister. They both looked so handsome in their white linen shirts and khaki pants, but in contrasting ways. Lucas’ dark, good looks caught my eye but I was sure Ashley only noticed Nate’s reddish-blonde hair giving off a golden cast in the setting sun. His tall, lean body had a relaxed stance, not a sign of nervousness. Ashley let out a breath of air, and I smiled knowingly.

Staff members inconspicuously moved around the venue to make sure everything ran smoothly. When they spotted us, soft strands of Hawaiian Wedding Song began to play. On cue, Mr. Donovan rose from his seat and met us under the floral arch. He nodded at me as he slipped by to get in place next to his daughter. “It’s a wonderful day,” he whispered.

I fought back the feeling of dread that I took everywhere these days. Wonderful day? Would I truly ever have one again? My eyes searched the grounds for Doug. He’d always be with me, no matter where I went or what I did. I’d come to terms with that. But for today, I had to set that aside.

I placed my foot on the white runner and locked eyes with Lucas. A smile crept across his face. I felt like we were the only two people on the beach. Tears filled my eyes as I replayed our history in my head. Nate and Ashley had been a part of it all. We were a team, and nothing, or no one, would break us apart again.

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29∞ (Twenty-Nine Forever)

Allie has done all she can to protect her family and the Niner community from her brother, but it never seems like enough. Her brother’s dream of creating a new America happened at lightning speed. Doug Sanders, now President of New America, took the country and his sister by surprise. That won’t stop Allie from sabotaging his strategy of expose, divide and conquer. She plans to defeat her brother regardless of the odds against her. Who will be the winner in their greatest battle yet?

Parker waited at the door and stepped through when he saw me. “Come on.” He gestured for me to follow.

Once outside, we hugged for what seemed like forever. “I thought I’d never see you again!” I cried.

“And I thought the same!” Parker lifted his glasses and wiped his eyes on his sleeve. The heat was oppressive, and it made a person begin to sweat within seconds. “You didn’t get breakfast, did you? Although you were never fond of it, if I remember correctly. I know a great place to get coffee.”

As we walked along, I caught Parker up on my life. He seemed to know more about me than he let on. Maybe he’d become close with Carol. I tilted my head. “What’s going on?”

“Well,” he whispered. “Greg isn’t really sick. I called him in sick and volunteered to take his place. I needed to talk to you.”

Shocked or surprised, I couldn’t figure out which I felt. Dear, sweet Parker had to see me? “About?”

“The Underground.”

“Where the subways are?” I wrinkled my brow.

“No, silly, the movement,” he whispered. “Will assured me he’d told you about it.”

“No-o-o.” I shook my head. My mind flashed back to yesterday. I’d slipped unseen out of Doug’s SUV and into the art museum. Carol had whisked me to her office to clean up and change clothes. Will, my old college boyfriend, who was now living in New York working as a model and Carol’s new guy, was also there. He had mentioned some people didn’t believe in Doug and weren’t going to blindly follow him just because he said there was a threat, but had said nothing about an Underground.

Parker glanced at me. “Are you sure?”

“He said something like, ‘There are a lot of us who don’t agree with being herded into big cities for our safety.’ And he made air quotes when he said safety, like he didn’t believe in the threat.”

“Well, there you go.” Parker threw out his hands. “He was practically telling you he was in charge of the movement.”

“What?” I came to a dead stop. “There’s a movement, and Will’s in charge of it? Why am I just finding out about it?”

“We had to see where your loyalties lie, Allie. Remember the Art Gala? Carol was given the task.”

My whole world spun around me. From the outside looking in, I was Doug’s sister. Why wouldn’t I be loyal to him?

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After a great career in teaching, Nancy found a second calling as a writer. Born and raised in Northeast Ohio, she currently resides in Mentor, OH. Ohio is her home, but she loves to travel the U.S. Now Scotland is on her bucket list as a place she’d like to visit. Nancy is married and has one son.

S.K.I.E. Series

Title: S.K.I.E. Series
Author: Caitlyn Mancini
Genre: YA science-fiction/genetic engineering (futuristic not alien sci-fi)
Cover Designer: Renee Barratt from The Cover Counts
Selie is starting college in the year 2098 at Ashmore University located within White Sulfur Springs, West Virginia. While technology has advanced to incorporate artificial intelligence microchips, the worries of a teenage girl have not. Selie thought the worst she would be dealing with was hard tests and difficulty making new friends. Instead, she stumbles upon a ghastly discovery of missing students and illegal experiments. Just when she thinks she’s made a friend and meets a handsome boy who’s much more than he seems, her world is turned upside down and she soon realizes that she is no longer ordinary. Now, along with her newfound friends, she has to fight for survival and stop others from falling victim.
Selie has survived the horrible ordeal she underwent when she was kidnapped and injected with an unknown serum. The quiet illusion is disrupted when a body is discovered, a victim who may have been Dr. Daven’s. With potential evidence of the illegal experiments, Selie delves deeper into her obsession to stop him and Reyna. Selie, alongside her friends Eirian, Heero, Rose, and Brody, takes it upon herself to learn more about the experiments and potentially who Dr. Daven really is. Among the uncertainty surrounding their intensifying abilities and the growing feelings between her and Eirian, Selie has no idea what she may uncover but feels whatever she may uncover might be far worse than she realizes.
Caitlyn Mancini was born and raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan and graduated from the University of Michigan with a BA in English and a sub-concentration in creative writing. Caitlyn started her writing journey at the age of 7, coming up with fantastical stories and characters, including a children’s series at the age of 12 inspired by her sister Laurynn. Caitlyn’s hobbies include writing, drawing, making board games, and Taekwondo among other dabbles. She has a love for anything supernatural including sci-fi/fantasy. Caitlyn works as a stenographer in Michigan.
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S.K.I.E. Secrets: http://amzn.to/2wtwagq

Blood & Bone Series

Title: Blood & Bone Series
Author: Tara Brown
Genre: YA SciFi/Mystery
What would you do if your life was a lie—and everyone knew but you?
Jane has come a long way from the dark days of the horrific car accident that robbed her of many memories. Living the life of a shopgirl with a charming boyfriend—a handsome, green-eyed doctor named Derek—is so satisfying that she doesn’t want to revisit her past.
But the past insists on revisiting Jane. People keep thinking she’s Samantha, a dead girl who looks exactly like her. Now, Jane is determined to discover her connection to the girl, leading her to question everything from her relationship with Derek to her own sanity. Should she believe Rory, the man who insists she actually is Samantha? Or should she depend on Derek, who offers her love and shelter…but who may have other reasons for keeping her under wraps? Who is telling her the truth—and what are the others hiding?
Not even the warning label on the experimental project could have prepared Jane Spears for the nightmare she would walk into when the Ashley Potter case landed in her lap. Deep inside the victim’s mind, Jane finds clues hinting at the worst crimes she has ever come upon. But the bread crumbs don’t lead anywhere, and in the waking light Jane discovers nothing is as she believed. The conspiracy goes deeper than she can reveal, and the crimes are too hideous to leave unsolved. Can she stop it all in time, or will she be sucked in—trapped by the deranged mastermind?
Being a mind runner isn’t easy, but catching criminals is all that matters to Jane Spears. Though her job may be gruesome, she’s not willing to stop just yet. And even as she admires the ring from her fiancé, she has no intention of letting a wedding sidetrack her work—not when she’s about to delve into the darkest mind she’s ever encountered.
As she starts to explore the twisted ruins of a sociopath’s psyche, Jane realizes she may have finally met her match. She knew this case would be a challenge, but she didn’t expect to get caught in a mind-bending nightmare. Because this irredeemable murderer seems to know something about Jane that even she doesn’t—something unspeakable lurking in her past. Can she escape the killer’s derangement unscathed and ready to walk down the aisle?
I believe growing up in a really small town gives a person a little advantage when it comes to the imagination. You need one or you go mad.
Needless to say, mine saved me. After it got me into trouble first, that is. That’s the problem with a vivid imagination, all the lies you tell.
I am happily married with two daughters.
I have two giant dogs, two savage cats, and a penchant for a glass of red.
Also, I drag my bread through the sauce. I can’t help myself, bread is life.
According to my age, I am meant to be a responsible adult, but it isn’t going well at all. I would still head off to Hogwarts tomorrow and I suspect there isn’t a single wardrobe I haven’t crept into, hoping to find the door to Narnia. And don’t even get me started on the King’s Road, I get lost.
Fortunately, I am an international bestseller so I have wormed my way into a quirky or eccentric category.
Thank God for that.
I am represented by Natalie Lakosil from the Bradford Literary Agency and am published traditionally with Montlake Romance.
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