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Let me take you to New Zealand I’m happy to share with you another story which is set in NZ. If you love Australian / New Zealand romance, be sure to get your copy today!

The discovery of her mother’s diaries unravels a secret which sends Lani on a journey to New Zealand … She lost her mother in an accident. Now, Lani Dekker is determined to meet the man who, according to her mother’s diaries, is her father. He’s not what she expected, a bit on the extravagant side, but she soon warms up to him, thanks no less to Dylan, her father’s neighbour. Despite her attraction to Dylan, she can’t figure out whether he’s a friend or foe. Dylan Harper is merely going through the daily motions after his wife died in a ski crash. That is, until his life is turned upside down by the arrival of his neighbour’s daughter. Their attraction is instant, even more so when they wake up in the same bed after an earthquake. However, it’s her accusation that his interest in her involves her father’s money rather than their mutual magnetism that derails their newfound bond. Will finding the truth about her parents be a chance for Lani and Dylan to overcome their differences?

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What reviewers say about the story:

5 stars: A beautiful plot line with very emotional characters.. The path to love is difficult and has lot of interesting turns for the characters. Loved the book and the leads. 5 stars: Heartwarming story about love, forgiveness and acceptance. Lani’s grieving her Mother’s death and trying to cope, when her grandpa opens up and tells her about an untruth, lie. She finds her lost father, unbeknownst to him he even has a daughter. Toby, Lani’s birth father, never married or loved another woman after her mother. Toby’s neighbor, Dylan, and long time friend had lost his wife after only 2 years of marriage and he is still missing her when Dylan finds Lani in the stairwell of Toby’s home. Lani’s mother’s belief in memories and forgiveness helps Lani move on in forgiveness toward her Grandpa, accepting and loving her Dad, Toby and loving Dylan for who he is.

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Outback Treasure I

A city boy in Australia’s outback? He won’t even last two weeks.

Pete is geeky-cute and sweet. He’s also way too young for me. But he’s so much like me too. He loves this desolate land, and he fits right in with station life. My family. Me.

There are a million reasons why we shouldn’t be together. But I keep forgetting them when he’s near.

If only he’d told me why he was really here…

Outback Treasure I is the first part of the Pearce Station duet. Pete and Scottie’s story concludes in Outback Treasure II.

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Outback Treasure II

A city boy in Australia’s outback. Who would have thought I’d last longer than two weeks?

My station owner may be older but he’s as beautiful and rugged as the red dirt that flows through his veins. Scottie deserves better than me too. I lied to him. But he encourages me. He helps me follow my dreams.

Scottie has warned me a thousand times though. It’s not easy. The desert is as unforgiving as the people. We’ve each got a fight on our hands. For our happiness. For our survival.

Outback Treasure II is the conclusion of Pete and Scottie’s story. 

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“If you wanna ask me something, just ask it,” Scott spoke quietly after a time.

“Does it get lonely out here?” It wasn’t what I wanted to ask, but it was as close as I dared come to the question I really wanted to know the answer to.

“Yes and no. We’re only a few hours out of Longreach, so it’s easy enough to go there. Everyone else usually does.”

“But not you,” I finished.

“Nah, I stay here and look after the animals when they all head off.”

“You can’t go to town on one of the weekends your station hands stay here?”

He shook his head. “Not really much point. I don’t really drink.” He shrugged. “And I don’t do church either so….”

I sat quietly for a moment, contemplating what he said. “How old are you?”

“Forty. You?”

“Twenty-five.” When he flicked his gaze to mine, shock lit his features. “I look younger, I know. It’s the freckles.” He nodded and I hedged another question. “You don’t wanna hook up with anyone in town? Find a nice lady to spend the night with? This station’s a long way from company. Don’t you crave sex?”

He looked hard at me, unflinching. As if he was analyzing what I was asking. Searching for a deeper meaning. I was, and yet I wasn’t. Granted, he was a few years older than me, but he was still a man. He still had urges. Needs. He ran the station and had the respect of his family. I hadn’t seen him with his stockmen and women, but I had a feeling they’d respect him all the same. And yet he lived in a bubble. Seemed to isolate himself.

“I go to Brisbane and Sydney for a week every year. It’s enough.”

“Fuck me, you’re a better man than me. I’d go stir crazy.”

“Yeah well, just shows how different we are.”

There was a bite to his tone, which I hadn’t meant to put there. “I didn’t mean to offend you.”

His voice was quiet, but there was steel behind it. That same charisma turned into passion and fire. “We don’t all have the luxury of being able to walk into a bar somewhere and fuck the first person to catch your eye. Longreach is a small town. Everyone knows everyone. I can’t just go round and hook-up with whoever I like. It’d have consequences. For my family. For this station. And I won’t risk either one of them just to get my rocks off.” His eyes flashed angrily and his nostrils flared as he breathed hard.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know.”

He sighed. “Don’t apologize. I just can’t. Ma and Nan, even Ally are always at me to go out and meet some girl I can bring home. But that’s not me. Longreach is in the middle of bloody nowhere, but we’re even more remote. This desert… it’s in me. It’s part of my soul. I reckon if you cut me, I’d bleed red dirt. But it’s a hard life. One that most people won’t even consider.” He poked at the fire again. With his head down and his shoulders sagging, he spoke again, his voice barely above a whisper, “It’s easier not to try. No disappointment….” His words trailed off like he’d expended all the energy he had.

“You have your family and your workers. At least you’re not alone.” I snapped the twig I’d used to toast marshmallows on and tossed it into the dying embers of the fire that were being kept alive by Scott’s prodding. “Apart from hook-ups, and a flatmate I saw every few days, I didn’t really have anyone. And we all know how deep and meaningful hook-ups are.”

“No parents? Siblings?”

“An older sister, but apparently I embarrass her, so I tend to just keep away. Mum and Dad don’t understand. They mean well, but they keep trying to change me into something I’m not. And it’s hard to make friends in the city when you don’t get out much other than to get off.”

“Tough gig, huh?” he mused. “Suppose you don’t need to be in the desert to be isolated.”

“That’s the funny thing with a city. You can be alone and lonely even in the biggest crowd.” I gave him a small smile, trying to shake off the downer I’d plunged us into. I stood up then and stretched my arms above my head before a yawn ripped free. “Come on, walk me to my room so I don’t break a leg or stand on a snake. Get eaten by a dingo. Whatever.”

“Dingoes don’t usually bother us, especially not near the homestead. We don’t bait them ’cause they naturally keep the roo population from exploding, but we’ve got to protect the calves from them. We run Charbray cattle here—a Charolais Brahman cross—so they’re too big for the dingoes to attack when they’re fully grown. But, yeah….”

“I’m smaller than a cow. Seriously, are they gonna eat me?” My alarm was clear.

Scott laughed and my breath caught in my throat. His entire face transformed. Years fell away and a smile worthy of a Hollywood actor spread across his features. “You’ll be right, mate.” He clapped me on the shoulder, and I swallowed. “Come on, City. Let’s get you tucked into bed. We get up early here.”

I ignored the jibe, still speechless from seeing his smile, and followed him into the darkness. It took a moment for my eyes to adjust, but when they did, I saw the silhouette of the guesthouse against the starry sky. The building wasn’t what captured my attention though. It was the stars. An immense sky touched the horizon all around us. Bright pinpricks of light pierced the darkness and the half-moon hovering there seemed like I could reach out and touch it. The flat land extended for hundreds of kilometres in every direction. Dark and quiet, it was a complete contrast with the fireworks show in the sky. I didn’t realize I’d stopped walking until Scott stepped up beside me, our shoulders nearly touching, and looked up too. “Nothing like the sky out here.”

“It’s beautiful,” I breathed, looking at him with wonder in my eyes. When he turned to me, I couldn’t help adding, “But everything out here is.”

About Ann Grech

By day Ann Grech lives in the corporate world and can be found sitting behind a desk typing away at reports and papers or lecturing to a room full of students. She graduated with a PhD in 2016 and is now an over-qualified nerd. Glasses, briefcase, high heels and a pencil skirt, she’s got the librarian look nailed too. If only they knew! She swears like a sailor, so that’s got to be a hint. The other one was “the look” from her tattoo artist when she told him that she wanted her kids’ initials “B” and “J” tattooed on her foot. It took a second to register that it might be a bad idea.

She’s never entirely fit in and loves escaping into a book—whether it’s reading or writing one. But she’s found her tribe now and loves her MM book world family. She dislikes cooking, but loves eating, can’t figure out technology, but is addicted to it, and her guilty pleasure is Byron Bay Cookies. Oh and shoes. And lingerie. And maybe handbags too. Well, if we’re being honest, we’d probably have to add her library too given the state of her credit card every month (what can she say, she’s a bookworm at heart)!

She also publishes her raunchier short stories under her pen name, Olive Hiscock.

Ann loves chatting to people online, so if you’d like to keep up with what she’s got going on:

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In Safe Arms (MM)



Outback Treasure I(MM)

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One night in Daytona


Welcome to ALINTA BAY I’m happy to share with you the second book in Iris Blobel’s series, which is set at the Great Ocean Road in Australia. If you love small town romance, be sure to get your copy today!

About Book Two


Confronted with the choice to care for his friend’s family on the other side of the world or to return to Alinta Bay to be with his own newfound family, how will Noah choose?

Following the death of his grandmother, Noah Fielding returns to Alinta Bay and the first thing — or person — he finds is the next-door neighbour in his nan’s bathroom — naked no less. Still jetlagged, he doesn’t hit it off with Molly at first. Yet, over the next few weeks, as his past uncovers itself bit by bit, she becomes is anchor, his friend, and his lover.

Molly Reid had the world at her feet, happily married with a young son … until a tragic car accident took everything away from her. With her heart broken, she moves to Alinta Bay to escape the memories of the past. Her peaceful existence, however, is interrupted after a heavy storm floods her house and she temporarily moves into her recently deceased neighbour’s house next door.

When Noah’s friend and partner goes missing during a routine flight, Noah returns to Alaska to help, but will he come back for Molly?

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Book One in the Series


Sometimes one has to break rules in order to find happiness…

Widower Logan Hendrix is puzzled by the recent series of small crimes against his son’s new teacher. It’s a mystery to him, and he offers her his help. There’s an instant attraction, and Logan wants to take their parent/teacher relationship to a more personal level.

It doesn’t take Addison Ryker long to fall in love with Alinta Bay, the small town she’s moved to for her new teaching position at the local primary school. Her newfound haven is threatened, however, when her house is broken into and she is relying on the unbelievably stubborn but very sexy Logan for help. Although captivated by him, Addison worries her career could be compromised, because there are rules about dating a parent.

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Revenge gave Matt Page the incentive to become a billionaire.

Now it is payback time for Colonel Bradford, the man who had him wrongfully kicked out of the army. Matt wants to destroy everything his enemy holds dear, including his daughter, Jo.

Jo Bradford is a fired up conservationist who is on a collision course with Matt Page, the billionaire city developer, who wants to destroy her mountain home. She never dreamed that she could fall in love with him, or even more amazingly, marry him.

After Matt banishes Jo from his life he realizes he loves her.

Can he forget past injustices and win her back? Or is he doomed to a life of regret for what he could have had – a loving wife and family.

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Longreach Love EBook




After a decade of travel and living out of a suitcase, Emmalynne Peters is fed up with the world of modelling.

Her heart calls her in another direction and she finds herself in the town of Longreach, Queensland.

A land baked dry under relentless summer suns, washed away in raging floods, and burned to a crisp by savage fires.

Where men were bred tough, had work roughened hands and big hearts – men like Nick Johnson.

So she packed her bags for the last time and walked away – straight into the Australian outback, a place where she’d always thought she belonged.

Has Emmalynne not only found the land she’d been pining for, but also the love of her life?

Come and discover the rugged outback and the people who give it beauty and life.

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About the Author

I live in sunny Queensland, Australia and retired after 37 years of Nursing.

My husband of 45 years, together with our elderly Jack Russell Terrier and extremely opinionated 26-year-old Cockatiel, enjoy exploring the country with our caravan.

When we are at home, which is a small rural village, we spend our time renovating our home.

I write a variety of stories including Western Historical Romance, Contemporary Romance, Male/Male, Ménage and Shapeshifter.

Each book has a strong focus on story line with romantic interest building throughout.

I explore real life issues from kids on the streets to motorcycle war and put my own twist on each one.


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Don’t miss the next book in Amazon International Bestselling Romance Writer, Susan Horsnell’s Outback Australia Series. RUBY’S OUTBACK LOVE is now LIVE!


Ruby’s Outback Love
Book 2 in Outback Australia Series
By Susan Horsnell
July 5, 2019
Contemporary Romance

Bourke, a small country town in outback Australia, home to the mighty Darling River.

Where skies are bluer than blue, flies and Mozzies abound and wide open spaces and fresh country air regenerate the spirit.

It was this small town her heart led her back to after fifteen long years away. The place where Ruby’s heart had always belonged.

Securing a position with the Flying Doctor Service and working for a local doctor was like a dream come true – she was ready to give back to the people who had done so much to help her.

Her own home, jobs she loved, a family and friends she adored. Life was good, until…..

Phil was a man who had grown up with Ruby and he’d had his eye on her for years.

He’d intended to marry her as soon as he had qualified as a cop and she had qualified as a nurse.

So, what caused everything to go so horribly wrong?

Will a disaster bring them together?

Or will they forever be separated by mistakes from the past?


Title: March
Series: Calendar Cals Series
Author: Susan Horsnell
Genre: Australian Rural Romance
Release Date: May 12, 2019


After a decade of travel and living out of a suitcase, Emmalynne Peters is fed up with the world of modeling.
Her heart calls her in another direction and she finds herself in the town of Longreach, Queensland. A land baked dry under relentless summer suns, washed away in raging floods, and burned to a crisp by savage fires.
Where men were bred tough, had work roughened hands and big hearts – men like Nick Johnson.
So, on March 3rd, she packed her bags for the last time and walked away – straight into the Australian outback, a place where she’d always thought she belonged.
Has Emmalynne not only found the land she’d been pining for, but also the love of her life? Would the month of March turn out to be one she would never forget?
Come and discover the rugged outback and the people who give it beauty and life.




My name is Susan Horsnell and I write sweet and spicy Western Romance.
You’ll find Mail Order Brides, a Mail Order Governess and even a Mail Order Ranger just to include the males of the species.
There are knock ’em down, drag ’em out fights, gruesome murders and a gun toting, cussing, female saloon owner. I also have two books which explore how a blind child would cope on a ranch in the days of the Wild West.
In every book there is a beautiful heroine and a dashingly handsome hero. Sometimes their happy endings seem unlikely but they do eventually get there.
I hope you enjoy exploring my books and look forward to hearing from you.



Hi Everyone

Sorry I have been out of the loop for a bit.

There was a family emergency, and due to her sudden illness and need for nursing home placement, I needed to pack up her home ready for sale.

As of Monday, April 29, Posts will resume as normal.

In the meantime – I have two new releases in May.

The first is called Eight Letters and releases on May 1. It is set in and around Sydney NSW Australia.

Links will be posted when live so keep an eye out.


Note: This book is written in Australian English.

Copyright (C) Susan Horsnell 2019

“Caitlin, get your fat arse out here now and take your brother out of my sight before I knock him into next week!”

I scrambled from beneath the threadbare blanket, paying no attention when my back screamed in pain, protesting at sleeping on the cold concrete floor.

We were living in an abandoned unit block in Pyrmont, not far from the fish markets and within walking distance to my brother’s school and the supermarket I worked at. It had been almost a year since we’d relocated after being evicted from a run-down house about a kilometre down the road. We’d been in that one for almost six months before the landlord got tired of mum not paying the rent. It was the story of my life. I can’t recall ever being in one place for more than twelve months, so the fact a year was fast approaching in our current home made me nervous. I’d also lost count of the number of schools I’d attended.

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The second is an Outback Australia story titled March. It’s part of the Calendar Gals collection but a complete stand alone with no link to any of the others.


Note: This book is written in Australian English.

Copyright (C) Susan Horsnell 2019

…..I was on my patch of land now and stopped to peruse the area.
A thunderous noise pierced the previous quiet and I spun to my left to see a huge gray and white bull headed straight for me. He was closing the distance between us much too fast for my liking. I stayed where I was, hoping he would swerve and not barrel straight through me.
I guessed it was Nero, the big pussycat as mum had called him. He didn’t appear to be slowing as he cleared the bridge and continued straight for me. City girl here – I had no idea what I should do. So, I held up one hand and shouted, “Whoa,” as loud as I could.
He tossed his head and backed off on the speed. By the time he was close enough to touch, he had slowed to a walk and stopped.
I reached up and patted him. “You must be Nero.”
The huge bull snorted and I reached out to scratch behind his ears. He obviously liked it because he began leaning into my touch, ensuring I continued.
“Like that, huh?”
When the sound of an engine echoed from the distance, I peered around the bull to see a quad bike headed my way.
It came to a stop nearby and holy hell, the man who stepped off it was the epitome of tall, dark and sexy. Very, very sexy.
He stomped towards us, an angry expression on his handsome face.
“God damn it, Nero. That’s it, I’m sending you to the fucking sale yards. Someone can make dog meat out of you for all I care. I’m sick and tired of having to chase after you.”
I stepped around the side of the poor animal who was being threatened with being turned into dog meat.
I held out my hand. “Hi, I’m Emmalynne.”…….

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I hope everyone had a Happy Easter.

Happy Reading 🙂