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Title: The Ties We Break
Series: A Beautifully Brutal Book #2.5
Author: Emma Luna
Genre: Dark Mafia Romance
Release Date: September 22, 2022
Cover Design: Pretty in Ink Creations
★★★★★ Anna’s Bookshelf – “This author does it again! I don’t think there is a book by this talented author that I don’t love. The Ties We Break is a delectably seductive read with an entertaining storyline and lovable characters.”
★★★★★  Goodreads Review – “This book is a continuous mind-shock, and it’s going to leave the readers without words!”
★★★★★  Goodreads Review – “This is a dark and sensual book that brings the reader into a world of unknown pleasures.”

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Reading romance has always been my escape. A different world I can run to when real life gets to be too much. And when I find out my father drank away all the money I’ve inherited and saved, it’s those same romance novels that give me an idea.
I need cash, and I need it fast.
Luckily for me, I have something I know people would pay for.
My virginity.
There’s only one problem…
Declan, the owner of the club where the auction will be held, won’t let me participate until I know what my limits are and what I like.
Feeling like time is running out, I ask him to teach me while still keeping my innocence intact.
It’s a business agreement and nothing else, but his dark, broody expressions and sexy cocky grin are starting to melt all the walls I’ve put in place to remain as professional as possible.
He can’t win me, which means another man will, and I have to protect my heart.
This isn’t a fairy tale, and there is no happily ever after in our future.
Or is there?
Author Note – This is a dark mafia romance with scenes that may be triggering for some people. If you want to know more please contact This book is intended for readers over the age of eighteen, as it features scenes of a very sexual nature, including some mild BDSM themes. This is a MF romance book, but does feature an MFF scene with FF action. There is no cheating!
Emma Luna is a USA Today Bestselling dark romance author from the UK. In a previous life she was a Midwife and a Lecturer, but now she listens to the voices in her head and puts pen to paper to bring their stories to life. In her spare time, when she should be sleeping, she also loves to edit, proofread, and format books for other amazing authors.
Emma’s books are dark, dangerous, and devilishly sexy. She loves writing about strong, feisty, but underestimated women, and the cocky, dirty-mouthed men they bring to their knees.
When Emma isn’t writing, promoting, or editing books she can be found napping, colouring in adult colouring books, and collecting novelty notebooks. She also enjoys coffee and gossiping with her mum, playing or having hugs with her gorgeous nephew, who is the light of her life, stealing her parents dog Hector, and curling up on the sofa to watch a film with Mr Luna. Oh and for those of you that don’t know, Emma is a hardcore Harry Potter fan—Team Ravenclaw!!
Thank you for taking a chance on a crazy Brit and the voices inside her head. That makes you a true LUNAtic now too!

Title: Vasiliev: Orlov Bratva
Author: Shyla Colt & Kyra Nyx
Genre: Mafia Romance
Cover Designer: Dreams2Media
Publication Date: May 9th, 2022
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For years, Marta was the one bar manager I could count on to keep things running smoothly. With one surprise attack, my problem solver has become my problem. Taking care of things the old way is not an option for the single mother I considered my friend. Now, I’m negotiating with my family for their lives. Trust is earned, and time isn’t a luxury we have. The Nikitins lighten my load and lessen the darkness seeking to devour me. I can’t lose them.



No normal strip club requires an NDA, but the pay was too good to pass on. I’ve heard the whispers about the owner and his ties to the Russian mafia, but I never let it sway me. Then I saw something I shouldn’t have. Returning home, I grabbed my daughter and ran … only to be caught be the man I saw committing the crime. The killer is now all that stands between death and survival.


Kyra Nyx proves that Happily Ever Afters aren’t reserved for knights in shining armor. Her heroes swagger in, drag you into the gray area, and make you rethink your fairy tale. Follow these interconnected stories and get swept away by heroes who put romance on the edge.


USA Today Bestselling author Shyla Colt is a chaos wrangler, chronic crafter, and imaginary friend collector. The mom of two and a wife road trips with her weird brood when she’s not taking on a new hobby or bingeing on spooky podcasts and documentaries. She writes strong women with sass, plenty of nerdy tendencies, and the intriguing intense males who love them.

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JAKE front v1


Book 2-Kumul Cartel Trilogy

Covers by Lee Taylor-Coffin Print Designs

Susan Horsnell


The time—early 1980s.
The place—Popondetta, Papua New Guinea.

My name is Jake Masterton and I’m the middle brother of three.
Connor, the eldest is Don of our family business – The Kumul Cartel.
Quinn is the baby but don’t let him hear you refer to him as such.
We run a successful drug and gun smuggling operation throughout PNG.
I’m solely responsible for deals done from Rabaul in New Britain.
For fourteen years, things have run smoothly on the island, but when I fly into Rabaul on my latest trip, things suddenly go sideways, putting my life in grave danger.
Who is the deranged man with designs on our operations, and will taking my life be the ‘message’ he wants to send to my family?
My last thoughts as I am faced with death?
You’ll need to read the book to find out.

****MAFIA FICTION – Some scenes may trigger some readers


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About the Series


Book 1-Kumul Cartel Trilogy

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connor front v2.3


The time—early 1980s.
The place—Popondetta, Papua New Guinea.
My name is Connor Masterton. My brothers and partners are Jake and Quinn.
I’m the eldest; and the one responsible for keeping our drug cartel alive and prospering.
Using the undeveloped country as a cover, we are able to operate with next to no chance of being caught.
Or so I thought…
Who will betray our operation and push us to the brink of destruction?
Can we survive the betrayal?

****MAFIA FICTION – Some scenes may trigger some readers


Book 3-Kumul Cartel Trilogy

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QUINN front v1


The time—early 1980s.

The place—Popondetta, Papua New Guinea.

My name is Quinn Masterton and I’m the youngest brother of three.
Refer to me as the baby and I suggest you start running.
Connor, the eldest is Don of our family business – The Kumul Cartel.
Jake is in the middle and the one least likely to jump and ask questions later.
We run a successful drug and gun smuggling operation throughout PNG.
Connor runs the entire organisation.
Jake is solely responsible for deals done from Rabaul in New Britain and his last visit there…
You can read his story in the previous book.
Back to me…
I was everywhere, but nowhere within the family.
I needed something for myself, and Connor finally granted me the opportunity.
As in life, nothing is easy.
The first meeting went down the drain when I needed to step in for Jake.
The second..
I was almost there.
So close.
Then, a tiny slip of a woman, crashed into my life…literally.
A secretive society.
Crazy Suspicions.
Meeting Arabella would turn my family’s life upside down.

This is the third and final book in The Kumul Cartel Trilogy

****MAFIA FICTION – Some scenes may trigger some readers



About the Author


I was born in Manly on the Northern Beaches in Sydney, Australia and grew up in the west after we moved there to help my brother’s eczema which was made worse by salt air. I now reside in the beautiful sunny state of Queensland when we are not travelling.

One of the highlights of my life was being accepted into Nursing just before my 16th birthday. It had been a long-time dream and one which encompassed 37 years of my life. Along with nursing, being married to my very own book boyfriend, a Naval Officer, for almost 48 years, and posted in numerous places, gave me experiences which I have written into many of my books.

We enjoy traveling the country with our Caravan/RV and 17 young Jack Russell called Gemma-Jean.

My books are in various genres – Western Historical Romance-both steamy and sweet, Contemporary Romance-steamy and sweet, Male/Male, Australian Outback and City Romance. I also have one menage and one paranormal romance along with two children’s books. As I said earlier, I have a rather overactive imagination.

I hope you will pick up one of my books and when you close the cover on one of my stories it will be with a satisfied sigh.

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Title: Queen of His Heart
Author: Suzanna Lynn
Genre: Psychological Romance/Criminal Romance
Cover Designer: Funky Book Designs
Editor: Holly the Editor
Publication Date: December 27th, 2018
When you play your cards, always have a Queen in your hand!
Officer Samantha Daniels has been given a dangerous mission; go undercover to get close to criminal mastermind, Dominic Murphy. However, becoming one of the king pin’s family isn’t as simple as introducing yourself with a basket of muffins.
Samantha must keep it together as she dives into her dark side, all while undergoing a terrible ignition that could take her life. However, torture can turn anyone’s mind to mush, and she discovers a whole new side of herself as she slowly gives into Dominic and his murderous tendencies.
Add a dash of insanity and a touch of Stockholm Syndrome, and you have a romance made of inner demons and blood.
It’s a sexy blood covered romance gone wrong; or maybe right.

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Author Suzanna Lynn is a full-time mom of three beautiful, energetic children and spends her days with them and her husband in a small town nestled in the deep rolling hills of Missouri.
Growing up in the Ozarks, as a child Suzanna spent her days wandering the fields and woods surrounding her home. While most children avoided the dark corners of the woods, she sought it out, imagining them to be filled with fairies, dragons and all number of creatures.
Having not lost her childhood imagination, Suzanna has written numerous poems, songs and short stories that won various awards in high school and college.
However, in 2014 she decided to stop wishing she could publish a book and made the dream a reality when she released The Bed Wife.
That first novella gave birth to two more books, completing the series, and stirred the embers of a new five-book series called The Untold Stories, which is currently in the works.
When she’s not busy writing or spending time with her family, Suzanna loves to draw and paint, as well as scrapbook. She also has been known to volunteer with her children’s school, the local Ladies Auxiliary veterans group and even the local zoo!
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