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A swoon-worthy fairy-tale romance

featuring a rugged Fae King and his mortal bride.


The Beast King’s Bride,

Cursed Fae Kings Book 1

by Mona Black

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Ash never expected to be carried away by a cursed king of Faerie—much less to fall in love with him.

Working in the palace kitchens, daughter of a princess, father unknown, Ash always dreamed of a better life.

Being kidnapped by a warrior king of the Fae was not part of the plan. Being chosen to save him and his kingdom from a terrible curse even less. There is an obscure riddle that seems to fit her description—of course there is! —and the king is convinced she is the savior the Sapphire Court has been expecting for the past hundred years.

Which is frankly ridiculous. Ash’s only thought is to escape and return to her world, her friend Pete and her pet raven, Poe, her simple, quiet life.

But king Talensar, Talen for friends, has a way of getting under her skin. He’s arrogant, annoying, selfish—but also kind, brave, and outrageously handsome.

Soon enough it becomes clear to Ash that she not only wants to save him, but that she would give anything to lift the curse, anything to be with him.

Anything to keep him alive.

And as the riddle is unveiled and time draws short, she realizes she will have to make a decision:

Live without Talen in her life, making it half a life at best, or give it up so that he might live instead?

*This book is standalone full-length NA romance fantasy novel, featuring mature situations with some dark themes and adult language. It is inspired by Beauty and the Beast and Persephone and Hades. The romance is slow burn but leads to steamy scenes. *
This book was previously published as “The Sapphire Throne”.

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