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Start this Hero’s journey along with Family drama & a psychological thriller

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Secrets Under the Willow (Prequel)

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Nature-loving twins Brenner and Deirdre Hatcher have never known what it means to have a loving home life. With an abusive mother and an absentee dad, they struggle with finding their place in the world as seventeen-year-olds. Together, they make a plan to survive their senior year of high school before leaving their town and never looking back. However, the bullying, beatings, and berating they face continue to confront them, threatening to crush their dreams and destroy all their hopes. The battles they must face daily, both at school and at home, have created a relentless inner turmoil, affecting their psychological and emotional development. This leaves a warped perception of life, the world, and their place in it. At the end of the day, the twins only have each other’s love and encouragement to help them survive.

Deirdre’s characteristically free-spirit and Brenner’s desire to prove himself in his “quest for courage” guide them in making different choices in response to their own personal conflicts. This will ultimately define the separate courses of their ultimate destinies. When destruction strikes, their bond will be pushed to the limit. Will coping with all their trials give them the strength they need to withstand the cruel unfairness of their lives? Or will the sorrow of bearing all that abuse ultimately be their undoing?

Will you judge Brenner and Deidre the same as their neighbors, townsfolk, and school mates? Or will you sympathize with them after you learn their secrets? Is it ever okay to choose peace over truth? Is it honorable to stand by someone you love even if they are wrong? Is it okay to seek revenge if the price is your soul?

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