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Title: Ghostly Encounters

Author: Davis McAlonan

Release Date: 12 January 2023


Flynn and his friends, Logan, Archer and Cody run the YouTube channel Ballarat Paranormal.
The only problem is that they have been faking their paranormal encounters for views.
It was easy money, fake a few disembodied voices, show the odd shadow and they would rake in thousands of dollars.
However, what happens when they finally get a chance to investigate an old orphanage and come up against a real spirit?
Harriet Wilson doesn’t remember dying.
She doesn’t remember much about her life in the real world.
For what felt like hundred of years she’d been roaming the halls of Littlewood Orphanage.
She’d watched the walls starting to crumble.
She’d spent hours conversing with the ghosts who roamed the halls with her.
They all had one thing in common.
They wanted to find their way home and away from the evil one.
Could Logan, Flynn, Archer, and Cody help the spirits or will the evil one get them first?
This is a YA book suited to the ages of 13+