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Hi Everyone

Sorry I have been out of the loop for a bit.

There was a family emergency, and due to her sudden illness and need for nursing home placement, I needed to pack up her home ready for sale.

As of Monday, April 29, Posts will resume as normal.

In the meantime – I have two new releases in May.

The first is called Eight Letters and releases on May 1. It is set in and around Sydney NSW Australia.

Links will be posted when live so keep an eye out.


Note: This book is written in Australian English.

Copyright (C) Susan Horsnell 2019

“Caitlin, get your fat arse out here now and take your brother out of my sight before I knock him into next week!”

I scrambled from beneath the threadbare blanket, paying no attention when my back screamed in pain, protesting at sleeping on the cold concrete floor.

We were living in an abandoned unit block in Pyrmont, not far from the fish markets and within walking distance to my brother’s school and the supermarket I worked at. It had been almost a year since we’d relocated after being evicted from a run-down house about a kilometre down the road. We’d been in that one for almost six months before the landlord got tired of mum not paying the rent. It was the story of my life. I can’t recall ever being in one place for more than twelve months, so the fact a year was fast approaching in our current home made me nervous. I’d also lost count of the number of schools I’d attended.

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The second is an Outback Australia story titled March. It’s part of the Calendar Gals collection but a complete stand alone with no link to any of the others.


Note: This book is written in Australian English.

Copyright (C) Susan Horsnell 2019

…..I was on my patch of land now and stopped to peruse the area.
A thunderous noise pierced the previous quiet and I spun to my left to see a huge gray and white bull headed straight for me. He was closing the distance between us much too fast for my liking. I stayed where I was, hoping he would swerve and not barrel straight through me.
I guessed it was Nero, the big pussycat as mum had called him. He didn’t appear to be slowing as he cleared the bridge and continued straight for me. City girl here – I had no idea what I should do. So, I held up one hand and shouted, “Whoa,” as loud as I could.
He tossed his head and backed off on the speed. By the time he was close enough to touch, he had slowed to a walk and stopped.
I reached up and patted him. “You must be Nero.”
The huge bull snorted and I reached out to scratch behind his ears. He obviously liked it because he began leaning into my touch, ensuring I continued.
“Like that, huh?”
When the sound of an engine echoed from the distance, I peered around the bull to see a quad bike headed my way.
It came to a stop nearby and holy hell, the man who stepped off it was the epitome of tall, dark and sexy. Very, very sexy.
He stomped towards us, an angry expression on his handsome face.
“God damn it, Nero. That’s it, I’m sending you to the fucking sale yards. Someone can make dog meat out of you for all I care. I’m sick and tired of having to chase after you.”
I stepped around the side of the poor animal who was being threatened with being turned into dog meat.
I held out my hand. “Hi, I’m Emmalynne.”…….

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I hope everyone had a Happy Easter.

Happy Reading 🙂